Ten first aid methods for cycling outdoor riding

First, sunburn

  1. Apply a cold towel to the affected area until the pain disappears.

  2. Apply sunscreen lotion without skin damage.

3. When blisters appear, don't pick them up and apply them with a cold water towel.

Second, heat stroke

  1. Move quickly to a cool, ventilated place and lower your head.

  2. Unload the load, loosen the clothes, and rinse the body with cold water.

3. Supplement the water containing sugar and salt (can be taken orally when the consciousness is awake, and should be given when the consciousness is not clear)

4. Physical therapy: rub the human and temples with alcohol cotton.

5. Medication: Take human Dan, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, a drop of water, etc.


 Third, leg cramps

Sit down and sit down, repeatedly pinching the big toe back and massage the calf muscles.

Fourth, nosebleeds

  1. Sit down immediately, your head is slightly lower, hold your nose with your hand, and use your mouth to breathe for about 5 minutes.

  2. If the bleeding can not be stopped, you can use a clean gauze to insert the nose, pinch the nose, no gauze can be replaced by napkins, cotton balls.

3. Physical therapy: cold roots with cold towel and alcohol cotton.

Five, blisters

  1. After blistering (unbroken), first clean with soap.

  2. Disinfect the needles such as pins with scalding and then puncture the blisters.

3. Gently squeeze out the effusion in the foam with a clean gauze, and finally apply the Creatine Cream.

4. When the bubble has been worn out, it should be disinfected before treatment.


  Sixth, trauma (scratch, stab wound)


  1. When the wound area is not too large, when there is no active bleeding, the external medicine can be wiped or rinsed with water.

  2. When the wound area is large, but there is no active bleeding, the tape can be wrapped outside the clean gauze after washing.

3. When active bleeding occurs, the bleeding in the wound is first taken out of the wound by bleeding. The wound is then covered with a clean gauze and placed on the gauze to stop bleeding.

Stab wound:

  1. When the foreign body pierced into the body is small and shallow, the foreign body can be taken out first, and the wound is forced to take out the blood and dirt inside the wound. Then the treatment method is the same as the abrasion.

  2. When the foreign body piercing the body is large and deep, do not remove the foreign matter easily or wash the wound privately to avoid major bleeding. Handle as soon as possible after simple dressing.


Seven, falls

  1. If you suspect a fracture, do not exercise and contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

  2. If there is swelling and congestion, cold compress therapy can be used to relieve pain.

3. The rest of the trauma treatment methods are the same as above.

Eight, sprain

  1. Stop activity (at least reduce effort), especially sprains in the ankle and knee joints.

  2. Place gauze, towel, etc. on the affected area, and apply cold pack with ice pack.

3. It can be treated with a drug that stimulates blood circulation, but do not massage or massage.

4. At rest, the affected area is raised.

  Nine, enter the foreign body in the eye

  1. Use a clean hand to lift the eyelids. If you see foreign matter sticking to the conjunctiva, use a cotton ball to stain the water and remove the foreign matter.

  2. If you can't see any foreign objects, you can use a cotton swab to hold the opened eyelids and pinch the eyelashes to find out if there is any foreign matter inside the eyelids.

3. The eyeball looks down and it is easy to find foreign objects.

4. Although there is no foreign body, there is always a feeling of foreign body, which may have penetrated the cornea. It can be protected by gauze and treated in the hospital.

* Note: The eyeball is a delicate organ, don't blink with dirty hands. If you have any questions, please contact the medical staff as soon as possible.

Ten, bite bite

  1. It is necessary to first judge whether the wound is poisonous by being bitten by a snake or the like. If it is poisonous, it can be wrapped near the heart and recumbent.

  2. It can be applied to wind oil by bites such as mosquitoes and bees. (medicine can not be mixed)

3. Being bitten by cats and dogs should be reported in time.

* Note: It is strictly forbidden to slap cats and dogs, and approach dangerous animals. Pay attention to mosquito bites.

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