The 3 major trends including titanium customized bicycle DIY in bicycles in the future PK battle: the first day of the Taipei exhibition,

The 31st Taipei International Bicycle Show officially kicked off on October 31. 

Based on Taiwan's highly competitive industrial supply chain and industrial settlement, Taipei International Bicycle Show
has become one of the three major bicycle exhibitions in the world and an important international platform to lead
the development trend of the industry.

In this exhibition, “IoT, Xinchuang, Electric Bicycle” revealed the trend of the three major cycling in the future.
The four-day Taipei exhibition is still held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, covering hundreds of manufacturers
including complete vehicles, frames, clothing and spare parts, and fully presents the manufacturing chain of
bicycles in the middle and lower reaches.

And personnel customized titanium bikes becomes a new trend.

                                                                           Sophia   XACD titanium bicycles DIY