The benefit of cycling a titanium bike, it is not only make your body healthy but also make it fit!

The benefits of bicycle exercise are unlimited time and speed. Riding a bicycle can not only reduce weight but also make the body symmetrical. Because cycling requires a lot of oxygen, it can also strengthen heart function. It also prevents high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs. Stepping on a bicycle compresses blood vessels, speeds up blood circulation, increases oxygen intake by the brain, and adds a lot of fresh air to make the brain clearer. When you ride a bicycle, you feel very free and happy. It is no longer just a means of substitution, but also a way of enjoying the soul.


Sports experts pointed out that, due to the special requirements of bicycle sports, the arms and trunk are mostly static work, and the legs are mostly dynamic work. When blood redistribution occurs, the blood supply of lower limbs is more, and the change of heart rate varies according to the speed of pedaling and the fluctuation of the terrain. Inside the body, there is an urgent need to supplement nutrients and discharge waste, so the heartbeat often increases by two to three times as much as usual. Such repeated exercises can make the myocardium developed, the heart enlarged, the myocardium contracted strongly, and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall increased. Thus, the lung ventilation volume is large, the vital capacity of the lung is increased, and the respiratory function of the lung is improved.

Expert advice: Bicycle exercise should be moderate. It's not enough to pay attention to the bicycle ride. You can keep in good shape when you encounter resistance in your bicycle ride. Ride for at least 30 minutes at a time, but not more than 60 minutes at a time. When riding a bicycle, the upper body should be relaxed to avoid causing soreness in shoulders and necks; when riding a bicycle, do not press the body too low, otherwise, it will restrict abdominal breathing.

Bicycle sports can not only exercise, but also burn fat, which attracts many beauty lovers.