The bicycle chain make noise, so find the problem and let it shut up!

The bicycle chain make noise, so find the problem and let it "shut up"!

Many riders know that cycling time is long, and the bicycle chain will make a loud noise, which is very noisy and even affects the mood of cycling. Without letting it "shut up", it will be very difficult to step on, and it will also damage the bicycle's sprocket and the chain itself. Therefore, we must keep the sprocket and the chain clean from time to time, so that we can have a good mood when riding out. Let's talk about how to clean them.

titanium chain

The use of bicycles can be seen everywhere in life. If it is rainy, the bicycle sprocket and chain should be cleaned after use. Under normal circumstances, the rear sprocket is placed and the chain is rusted because the rainwater is mixed with dust, impurities and Mud is often attached to the sprocket, and the sprocket chain is bitten multiple times, and wear is exacerbated.

When cleaning the sprocket or chain, clean it with clean cloth. Do not use damp cloth, so that the sprocket is kept dry and clean.

After cleaning, the connecting gear sprockets and chains of some transmissions should be lubricated in appropriate places, which reduces the friction between the sprocket and the chain, reduces corrosion and reduces the chance of breakage or damage.

When doing daily cleaning work, the failure of the sprocket will be reduced.

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