The “Bicycle Kingdom” reappears, sharing the economy and turning the country into a “tidal wave”

The Bicycle Kingdom reappears, sharing the economy and turning the country into a tidal wave

If you ask China what is the new "four great inventions"? Many people will mention the answer: sharing bicycles.


Looking back at the CPC's 18th National Congress, with the development of the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, the sharing economy represented by shared bicycles (also known as the sharing economy) came into being in China, and it has developed. In full swing, it is having a profound impact on Chinese society and the world.

Sharing economy is changing peoples lives.

More than a year ago, shared bicycles quietly appeared on the streets of Chinese cities. At that time, people did not realize that sharing bicycles brought back the once "bicycle kingdom", but in a new attitude, bicycles began to change from home. Share it with everyone.

Suddenly, like the spring breeze of the night, colorful shared bicycles flow in the streets of Chinese cities. Different from the previous two-bar bicycles, shared bicycles are more modern, more fashionable and smarter. "I just bought a bicycle for a few hundred pieces last year. I didn't expect the shared bicycle to fire up. It was spent."


Sharing bicycles has quickly become a part of the lives of Chinese people. As of July 2017, the national shared bicycle companies have accumulated more than 16 million vehicles, with more than 130 million registered people and more than 1.5 billion passengers. In many city street intersections and other red lights, among the 10 cyclists, 7 or 8 people may ride on shared bicycles.

Along with the popularity of shared bicycles, special bicycle lanes have reappeared in many cities, and the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection has become more and more popular. Nowadays, when many young people get married, they no longer choose a luxury car to pick up the family. Instead, they choose to ride a shared bicycle to pick up the bride and perform a Chinese-style romance under a new era.


In addition to sharing bicycles, there are shared cars, shared charging treasures, and shared sports warehouses... The sharing economy is constantly subverting and reconstructing peoples lifestyles, and it also changes the Chinese society and makes many foreigners envy.

The uncle and grandfather who once rode on the 2-8 bar took a ride on a shared bicycle to buy food. Nowadays, commuters can easily solve the last kilometer problem by riding a shared bicycle, and they no longer have to worry about getting in a taxi.

Developing a shared economy is a manifestation of inclusive growth, allowing more people to share development results.


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