The correct experience of riding a bicycle in middle age!

Buy a good car.

Yes, if you buy a bicycle, you must buy a good car within your ability. It is not a waste of money, nor is it vanity.

Good car, only after you compare with the ordinary car, you will know, otherwise, there will not be so many equipment parties, because riding is really different.


Of course, this is not to encourage people to spend a lot of money on cars. There are differences in bicycles, but everyone enjoys the same joy.


The Great God was not built in a day.

Bicycle + physical fitness + technology + sweat + care + courage = riding god.

Most of the abilities to ride great gods are accumulated by sweat. No one can start to explode everyone from the beginning.

You have to realize the importance of daily training, but don't rush to get it, otherwise, cycling is destructive!



Personality is more important than car skills.

People who ride in this circle are easy to get along with. When we engage in cycling or communicate privately with our riders, we should learn to recognize people. If you are not good at character, don't touch them. Otherwise, you will be the one in the pit.

Don't talk about riding friends, chatting and riding. It's much more interesting than your family.



Don't follow the trend blindly

Others change their cars, you change them; others upgrade their kits, you follow; others ride the Sichuan-Tibet line, you ride fart.

I don't change my car and upgrade it. Isn't my bike a bicycle? I'm not going to ride the Sichuan-Tibet Line. Should I not call a biker?

Everyone's likes and circumstances are different. How can they ride their tracks? It's good to ride their own way. Don't look at what others do and do not care what others think.



You are not a professional driver.

Hobbies are hobbies. Don't always think of yourself as a professional driver. Having dreams is a good thing, but I hope you don't fantasize.

Professional drivers are trained, not fantastical, and bragging, but they must not be immersed in them.

Professional cycling skills, riding rhythm is not our ordinary riders can afford to play, their simple equipment is not ordinary people can afford.

You really want to play, and please start from scratch.



You are human, not superhuman

You don't have superpowers. You're just an ordinary person. You get hurt, you bleed, and you're more likely to be over. If you don't want this to happen, please ride honestly and happily and come back safely.

Only by living can you have more possibilities. There's only one life!


Safety awareness is important

Many people think that I'm absolutely safe with a helmet and that I'm unbridled by cycling. Equipment is not omnipotent, let alone a reason for you to relax your vigilance, safety awareness can not be lost at any time.

Ten wrestles, nine blocks, and one extra fast!


Riding is simple and complex

Riding is not as simple as you think, nor as complicated as you think.

Yes, we should adjust the bike, check the vehicle before riding, warm-up, pay attention to the riding posture, repair the bike and maintain it.

It seems that it's really complicated, and many friends just miss it. When you really get in touch with it, you will find that it's really not that difficult. Don't scare yourself.

Every ride has its own way of riding. You can disagree with it, but please learn to respect it.


Riding is not the whole of life

There is nothing wrong with your riding, but there are many other things you can't ignore in your life. The study, work, friendship, love, family and so on... I hope you don't fall behind.

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