The importance of correct seat height, you may not realize it again!

Setting the correct cushion height is essential for comfort, efficiency and avoidance of injury. Here we will explain why it is important and how to adjust the cushion to reach the maximum combination of comfort and speed.

Why is it important?

Perfectly adjusting the seat cushion allows you to effectively step on the car in the best position, not only to avoid short-term discomfort, but also to avoid long-term injuries. The height of the cushion is the simplest adjustment you can make on a bicycle, but it may be the most beneficial.

According to research by Spanish scientists, it is shown that the fluctuation of 1-37.5px at the optimal cushion position during riding will have a great effect on energy output. In fact, studies have shown that only 12.5px changes can be significantly different. The study pointed out that adjusting the seat cushion too high is worse than adjusting the seat cushion too low. If you have a heart rate monitor and an accurate power meter, you will find that the optimal cushion height is the one that produces the lowest heart rate at a continuous power output.

Scott Tomkinson of Kernow Physio (fitting service organization) has been responsible for providing advice and advice to world-class teams. Here he describes a reliable way to adjust your seat height to a comfortable position at home.

Before starting the adjustment, he pointed out: "Because of various methods, the reason why the height of the cushion needs to be adjusted is also a lot of factors. These factors may include the flexibility of the rider, the length of the lower limbs or the riding posture - for example Scoliosis, pelvic instability or flat feet, and the like.

First step

Generally speaking, for a person who just bought a car, never rides, and has not had any fitting experience before, let us start by measuring the rider's cross height. It is important to take off your shoes and then stand with your feet and shoulders wide.


Second step

Take a level ruler between your legs and gently pull up until you feel like sitting on a cushion. Make sure the level is level.


  third step

Then draw a mark on the wall at the height of the level (for fear that the wall can be dirty with a pencil), and measure the vertical distance marked on the floor with a tape measure.


  the fourth step

Subtract 10cm from the measured value. This provides a good starting point for bicycle fitting. For example, if a person's height is 76.9cm, the initial seat height after subtracting 10cm is 66.9cm (the other way is to multiply the height by 0.887 for reference.)


  the fifth step

The important measurement you get is the distance from the center of the five-way center to the top of the seat cushion along the centerline of the seat tube.


Cushion height and knee pain

In addition to the speed advantage and partial effect, the correct cushion height is also the key to avoiding pain, injury and permanent damage. Tobias Bremer, chief physiotherapist at Physio Clinic Brighton, said: “The height of the cushion is critical to avoiding cycling pain. Its connection to the foot position is important because the knee rotates many times per minute and may be repeatedly stressed. Injury. If your seat and foot settings are outside the optimal range of knee extension (150 feet straight to 70 degrees between the legs), the chances of getting a syndrome are greatly improved. 15% of cases of knee pain

The following Bremer details the problems caused by the height of the seat cushion and the solution:

Problem: Pain in the front of the knee

Solution: the cushion is adjusted upwards and backwards

Problem: Pain in the back of the knee

Workaround: Adjust the cushion down and forward

Problem: lateral knee pain

Solution: Adjust the height of the seat cushion to ensure that the knee stretches to 150 degrees when the pedal is stepped on the lowest point. Adjust the locking piece position inward

Problem: Pain in front of the pelvis

Solution: Slightly lower the seat nose or raise the handle

  can do

* Slowly fine-tuning to change the height of the cushion

* When changing a car, consider the effect of different crank lengths on your seat height

*Maintenance of the seat tube - if you can fasten it, you don't have to adjust

* Based on the optimization of your flexibility after riding for a period of time, ready to reassess the height of the cushion

Can't do

* Endure uncomfortable riding posture

* Adjusted the position of the handle and the lock piece and forgot to adjust the seat cushion again.

* imitate professional players - their seat position is adjusted according to their physical condition and comfort tolerance

* Forgot to keep the same line between the seat cushion and the upper tube when tightening

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