The most comprehensive knowledge of stamping helps you train and improve

The most comprehensive knowledge of stamping helps you train and improve

In the past few decades, sports science has developed rapidly, and now the power meter of professional drivers is just as important as the seat cushion. We are amazed at the creativity of human beings, but now people are shifting their focus from basic riding skills to those on the code table. We play with the power meter repeatedly, even if 1% of the power is increased. We are ecstatic.

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But at the same time, our level of neglect of the basic ability of riding – technology is also increasing. Some people think that riding is fast, and the posture is not very important. This is also the point that I strongly oppose.

When I was out riding a bicycle, I found that more than 70% of the knights were unstable when they stepped on. However, it is strange to say that from novice to professional drivers, there is always a bicycle that can't go straight, and there is even no shifting.

Cycling techniques include seated pedaling, cranking, shifting, and cornering... they cannot be ignored. Today, Xiaobian focuses on the techniques and training methods of sitting and stepping.

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What does treading technology stand for?

The pedaling technique means that the seat cushion is smoothly stepped on, and the flow can be kept smooth regardless of the terrain. There is no extra movement during pedaling, and high pedaling technology means less energy is consumed at the same power output.

The perfect pedaling technique is the most important part of riding skills. Everyone is eager to make their pedaling process smooth and even, which not only looks smooth, but also improves your riding efficiency. The riding efficiency is similar to the fuel consumption of a bicycle, which means that you will consume less energy at the same power, which means you ride faster.


Stepping on the road

There is no doubt that if you have been in the car for a while, then you should have heard of "stepping on the circle" many times.

As shown in the figure, the model can be established during the pedaling process of all bicycle items. For the convenience of description, the stepping position is represented by the 1-12 o'clock of the dial. For road riders, the power output is mostly concentrated in the 12-5 point direction when sitting, because at this stage you will recruit most of the muscles, the hips and knees stretch, and after 6 o'clock, The lower leg, the posterior thigh muscles and the rectus femoris will exert a slight force to speed up the lifting process.


Perfect stepping on?

Barrett, Martin and Bohm's research shows that training in drawing circles and pulling up the pedals does not improve efficiency. The above picture shows the difference in the force of two world-class drivers during the pedaling process. They can find that their pedaling curves have Very big difference. So this article will only give some minor suggestions at some key points. If you feel that these suggestions are not suitable for you, you can not adopt them. Pay more attention to your feelings and find the most suitable way to step on your own.

The ultimate goal is to solve the "dead spots" in the pedaling process, including "top dead center (at 12 o'clock)" and "bottom dead point (at 6 o'clock)".

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Stepping down

In the upper part of the tread circle is where you generate the most power. You need to raise enough muscles to step on the pedals. You can sink the heels slightly, so that your gluteus maximus, posterior femoral muscles and calf triceps are sufficient. work hard. When you pass 12 o'clock, your toes will slowly fall below the ankle, but you need to control the ankle so that the foot is roughly horizontal when you step on it.

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Bottom dead point

When you pass the bottom dead center, as most people say, like "you have to get rid of the mud under your feet", use the gastrocnemius and the posterior muscles to gently pull the pedals back, at this time your The toes are inclined downward at approximately 10 degrees.

Lifting process and top dead center

Everyone loses a certain amount of momentum during this process, because you need another leg to step on the leg. During the lifting process, your knees will move outwards due to the physiological structure of the human body. At this time, you can imagine pushing the knees in the direction of the handlebars, which can reduce the tendency of the knees to be biased and reduce the other. The burden of one leg can also make the transition to the top dead center more smooth, resulting in more power.


Do not allow the ankle to be much higher than the toe during pedaling, which maintains a relatively uniform power output.

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