The muscles sore after riding the bike? Five ways help you recover quickly

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You should also have this experience: after the high-intensity training, the backache and leg pain so that the next morning, even if you get out of bed and down the stairs, you feel that you are not as good as death, as if your body was hollowed out. In fact, even if you have challenged your personal limits during training (especially those that have never been done before), muscle soreness should not last for many days. Why are you so guilty? With the massage after training, the following methods can help you reduce inflammation and recover quickly.

Drink some juice

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Watermelon juice is regarded as a new type of "ibuprofen". It not only deliciously quenches thirst, but also is rich in L-citrulline, which can promote blood flow to various parts of the body, transport nutrients for muscles, and maintain the function of joint movement. Studies have shown that athletes who drink watermelon juice are less likely to feel severe soreness than the control group when performing indoor cycling training.

I am worried that there will be no watermelon juice in the summer, and it can be replaced with sour cherry juice. Sour cherry juice effectively reduces uric acid and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Studies have shown that runners who drink sour cherry juice twice a day are less likely to have muscle soreness after exercise.

Muscle electrotherapy

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You need blood flow to make your muscles recover quickly, which is why the recovery of cold-sports can make you feel comfortable. However, it is unrealistic to step on your legs 24 hours a day. It is easy to overdo it and it will only make you more exhausted. To this end, Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, a sports medicine expert, uses muscle electrotherapy (EMS) to assist athletes in rehabilitation and conditioning. Muscle electrical stimulation uses a patch-type electrode that primarily stimulates the muscles to contract, causing blood circulation and enrichment of nutrients.

Supplement healthy fats

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High-intensity training causes excessive muscle pressure or damage, causing inflammation and soreness. Oils rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids such as deep sea fish oil, nut oil, and seed oil alleviate inflammation. Adding this type of food to your nutritious meal can prevent muscle pain. The USDA USDA recommends at least 8 ounces of seafood per week to ensure that it is adequate for daily needs. In addition, oils rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids can prevent heart disease.

Increase protein intake

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You must know that you need a sufficient amount of protein: 25% of your daily calorie intake is contributed by the nutrients necessary for this muscle growth. Studies have shown that regular protein supplementation during training can improve muscle repair and soothe pain.

In one study, cyclists who consumed carbohydrates/proteins in the TT race not only rode farther, but also had lower levels of creatine kinase after exercise (products of muscle damage after exercise), which means less Soreness and recovery faster. It is a good idea to try to eat Chia seeds during training or to add protein after training.

Walking barefoot

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There is nothing wrong with being a barefoot fairy. It is reported that direct contact with the earth can make the body fight free radicals and slow down the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness. During the transition period after the end of training, most people experience muscle pain, stiffness and discomfort. Usually, this pain occurs immediately after the end of training and lasts for hours. However, sometimes the pain will appear after 24 hours and last for 2 weeks. This phenomenon is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The earth's surface has a negative charge that balances the accumulation of excess positive charge in the body and also eliminates free radicals. The feeling of the outdoors is hard to say, whether it is sitting on a park bench or camping for a few days. Scientific research has pointed out that outdoor activities can help relieve stress, improve sleep quality and even relieve muscle pain.

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