These position you must know to add Oil

These position you must know to add Oil

When you oil your bicycle, you really want to find moving parts. We can understand the moving parts as the metal parts that touch each other.

It is very important to use light, bicycle-specific lubricants and not to use unknown oils. Do not allow the oil to be too thin or too thick.


Need to pay attention to the fueling position

Chain: It is the main transmission component of the bicycle, which is extremely in need of care and requires frequent oiling. Regular cleaning of your chain is necessary depending on the driving environment.


Front and rear dialing are the parts that drive the chain when shifting. They need to be kept clean and lubricated so that they do not stick together or become stiff. It is recommended to check that the transmission is functioning properly when stepping on the shift and then lubricate the moving parts with lubricant, including the mounting points.

Brake and shift lines:

 They are responsible for passing your brakes and shifting behavior. If they are not properly lubricated and rusted or stuck, you will not be able to stop or replace the gear smoothly. Check frequently, especially if you are riding in a dusty or humid environment.


Brakes and shifting handles:

 This is a key part of braking and shifting. You can drop 1-2 drops of lubricant on their turning points and on the adjusting nut to ensure normal operation, then wipe off excess oil to prevent dust from being absorbed.



 Some of its turning points are not easy to find, you can pinch the brake handle to find the position to rotate. The relative movement of these metal parts requires lubrication. Foot pedal: Apply a few drops of oil to the place where the pedal is connected to the crank, let the oil lubricate to the rotating part, and wipe off the excess oil.


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