the sun is hot, you must know the riding tips

In the evening, the summer breeze is blowing, so it’s not pleasant, but during the day, as the temperature is getting higher and higher, it will bring certain difficulties to everyone’s riding. Therefore, combined with the experience of the riders, sum up the attention of the summer riding, hope that The riders are helpful.

1. Ensure adequate drinking water

In summer, because the temperature is high, the water disperses quickly, so the water loss in summer is often much higher than that in the other three seasons. Therefore, the most important thing in summer riding is to add water. Because of the same day, the summer is followed. Prepare twice as much as winter.


Therefore, the normal water requirement is 1000 to 2000 ml, so the summer needs to be supplemented with 2000 to 3000 ml. Although this requirement includes the amount of supplement through food, etc., for the exercise of this kind, the amount of water such as food is not included, 2000 Not a lot of water to 3000 ml.

2, drink that should not be drink immediately after exercise

Carbonated drinks: Although such beverages can quickly take away a lot of heat in the human body, due to the large gas content, after drinking some, there will be a feeling of bloating, resulting in a false phase of “already a lot of water”, but in fact it is insufficient water supply. .


Juice: These beverages are rich in sugar and have a high viscosity. Drinking after exercise can cause gastrointestinal motility to accelerate and cause discomfort.

Ice water: Drinking a lot after exercise can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction and severe vomiting.

Beer: Alcohol on the one hand will reduce people's athletic ability. Studies have shown that alcohol can reduce strength, speed, muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance; on the other hand, alcohol in beer stimulates the kidneys to produce urine, accelerating the loss of water in the body and aggravating Dehydration, studies have shown that within 4 hours after drinking, the body can reduce weight by 3% due to water loss.

Coffee and tea: Both types of beverages contain caffeine, which has a diuretic effect, which can result in insufficient water replenishment in the body.

3, prevent sunburn

When riding in the summer, don't ignore the protection against ultraviolet rays because of the hot weather. Fixing equipment and cycling suits are a must. You can also apply sunscreen. Because the sunscreen index has different effects, the outdoor is best to use SPF 30 times.


4, reasonable arrangements for riding time

It is recommended to ride in the summer and make the most of the morning and evening rides. At noon, choose the right place to rest. This avoids high temperatures and is not easily sunburned.


5, fully equipped

Equipment is important, with the necessary, no need to bring extra things, because each additional thing will increase your burden, which will make you more tired. And things like a kettle, dust gauze, and an inflator are essential for cycling.


6, multi-person team

A small group is very necessary. If a person rides, one who lacks the fun of sharing, the second is not safe. The equipment that many people need together will be more complete, and there are problems on the way to help each other and depend on each other.


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