Time, distance, speed, which is the most importance for a new cyclist

For many new cyclists, from the beginning, they don't know how to calculate the cycling, by time or by distance.

Therefore, It always is appeared that the new cyclists ride a bike with a heavy breath for the first day, riding about 70-80 kilometer, then the 2 days, the butt, the knee, and whole-body all hurt, so they lost their strong desire of riding a bike.

Firstly, for a new cyclist,  when start to ride a bike, they have three equipements need to be prepared except for the bike.

hamlet (to protect your safety)

Riding pants (to ease the butt pain)

glove(to relieve the palm pain)

Please remember, if you have no above three items, when you begin to ride, must not be measured according to the distance. Because this will result in your butt, knee hurt. At the same, without the helmet's protection, you have the safety risk.

Please remember Safty first!

According to our experiment, it is recommended the first goal of riding be based on time.

The time-based calculation is easier to calculate regardless of speed and distance and riding in the most relaxed and comfortable state, which is best for developing riding habits. 

For many riders who want to lose weight, even if the exercise is fierce, if it can't last for a long time, the fat can't continue to burn, the calories consumed are negligible, and the weight loss effect is definitely not obvious. Therefore, riding in a slow, long-lasting manner is an ideal fat burning exercise. It is generally recommended to ride for 1~2 hours so that the fat will burn at a higher rate, and then the higher combustion value will be accumulated, and the weight loss effect will be more obvious. Therefore, you need to ride on time, do not consider speed and distance, which is the most easily controlled indicator for new riders

For the new cyclist, time is an easier target for your continuing exercising. If you pay more attention to the distance. you will want to ride fastly, but you can't carry your bike and rush into the road, and go on a 100 km distance's riding, you can't do that.

For thousands of new cyclist, they can only insist on riding for 10 km around, one key point I want to mention is that you should ride longer, not ride fast.

So, the speed is not important, as well as the distance. Don't ride according to time. Put your first target as continuing to ride for one-two hours, you can accomplish this easily, when you finish the 1-2 hours' riding, you can be called cyclist.

Remember, distance is more important than speed, and time is more important than distance.

Riding longer distance is pretty more importance than riding at a fast speed while riding a long time is more importance than ride long distance. Be patient, don't worry you ride too slow. You speed will be fast when you ride too much.

Of course, riding is a group exercise, it will be better if someone can ride with you. Here is one sentence for you:

One person can ride fastly

One group of people can ride long distance.