variety of ways and techniques to save money! You may need it!

Variety of ways and techniques to save money! You may need it!

If you want to ride your bicycle to reduce your quality of life, eating kimchi every day is a bit of a loss, and you lose the meaning of riding, so it is important to learn how to save money.

So how can we skilly cut spending while enjoying the ride? (In fact, how to save is just a small flower, and can not afford to spend)


1, buy a bike to do what you can

Buying a bicycle is a big part of spending money. There is absolutely no need to pursue high allocation. You can purchase it according to your actual needs and budget. A mountain is taller than a mountain. No matter how good the car is, it is a bottomless hole. Of course, if you are an equipment party and enjoy the fun, then say another.

In addition, some friends choose online shopping bicycles for the sake of cheap. This is totally not recommended. Online shopping is indeed cheaper than physical stores, but quality is not necessarily trustworthy, and after-sales is a big problem. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a bicycle as much as possible to choose a physical store, perhaps a little expensive, but absolutely reliable, convenient after-sales, maybe you can also know a group of friends who like to ride a bicycle.

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2, For a bicycle renovation or a major maintenance of your bike, 

consider the local bike shop, no problem. But if it's just a small-scale fine-tuning, you can actually DIY yourself. Repairing your bicycle yourself can help you reduce unnecessary expenses, and you will also have a sense of accomplishment, which will be more cherished for your car.

You can learn to clean your bike first and then do basic general lubrication work on some of the key components of the bike. These maintenance can avoid unnecessary technical errors.

Regularly check the bolts on the relevant parts of the car to make sure they are tightened. Try to learn how to change the wires. This step needs to be done once a year, and this will rejuvenate your bike. If you have questions about your repair skills? It doesn't matter, you can refer to some videos and tips on bicycle repair quick start online.


3, do not have to buy those expensive riding equipment that is used in winter

Instead of buying a bunch of fully armed winter cycling gear, it's better to use the clothes worn at home in the winter. For example, wear a pair of tight pantyhose; use a strong tape to seal the vents on the riding shoes and so on. When the weather is very cold, put on ski pants and outdoor soft shell jackets to ensure warmth. Remember, the position of the right wristband should not be too close to the inside of the car, otherwise it will be easy to get the chain oil and even roll into the chain. Try a tight rubber band to tie your trousers? The effect is good.

4. If you want to participate, you must register early.

If you want to participate, don't wait until the last day before the registration deadline to register for payment. Because of this you may have to spend extra money. Not to mention the financial deposit. If you want to save more money, you can sign up as a volunteer so that you can get a free admission ticket.

5, looking for equipment discount shop and old equipment exchange

Newsletter: You don't need to use the retail price to buy your favorite equipment. Just look for a second-hand or second-hand purchase or buy a new one. You can save a lot of money. For example: inner tubes, chain lubricants, energy bars, cycling food, or cycling wear, as well as second-hand kits.


7. Organize your own training camp

Of course, we all want to be guided by professional coaches before major competitions or cycling events. But please ask the coach to spend money. It is better to save and organize a pre-match training camp. You can make a plan based on the goals you want to achieve and practice all the requirements to achieve that goal. Then slowly move toward your goal by repeating the training. By the time of the game, you will be fully prepared for the challenge physically and mentally.

8, become a brand ambassador

I really like the equipment of a bicycle company, but I have no money to buy because the retail price is too expensive? Then go and see if they have a brand ambassador's project, because candidates usually have some benefits such as discounted goods or if they are lucky, they can get free items.

9. Participate in cycling squads or clubs

Why do you say that? Because the club has the benefits of social (squad training, post-season gatherings, skill learning, carnival, etc.), members of the club can usually get a good price on the jerseys and equipment, and sometimes even Get the whole bike.

10, learn to repair your own abortion

In all bicycle parts, tires are the most vulnerable and most frequently replaced. So instead of throwing the fallen inner tube into the trash can (and then spending 30 yuan or more to buy a new inner tube), it is better to fill the leaking hole with a repair tool or fill the tire with a small amount of tire sealant. on.Used bicycles are also good

11. Like all new cars, once the bike leaves the showcase, the price is worth it soon. But as long as you take good care of it, then after many years they will still show good riding performance. So if you want to save money, it is better to buy a second-hand bicycle with a relatively low depreciation rate.

12, strictly follow the cycling service requirements

Don't take your bike out directly and throw it into the washing machine or dryer with your other clothes. On the contrary, you should strictly follow the instructions of the cycling wear requirements, and carefully cherish and use your riding suit, so that it will last longer and wear better.

13, team battle

And group buying a reason, many people and can share a lot of expenses, such as a group of people to buy a riding suit is definitely a lot cheaper than you alone, and more people can be customized. There are many advantages of saving money for multi-person riding. I won’t say much here.


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