What characteristics the bicycle should have for a long distance riding?

Personally, no matter what kind of bicycle, if you want to ride it for a good long journey, you must have several important characteristics:


  1. Strong comfort, leisure sitting posture, to ensure health, especially shoulder and neck, lumbar spine, prostate, and other key parts;

2. Strong and durable, easy to maintain, strong versatility of parts. There is a foreign saying called low-

maintenance. Literally, it means low maintenance. To put it plainly, it can serve you well without any service and repair the adjusted car or parts without any trouble. Even if it is broken, it is easy to repair or find substitutes.

3. The control is stable, especially under the loading condition.

4. The adaptability of the whole road condition is mainly embodied in the high-strength frame, the wide range of gear ratio, the tire which is firm and easy to slide, and the vibration cushioning ability.

At the same time, there are some features that seem to be very important to the bicycle, but in fact, they are insignificant:

  1. Rapid and sensitive operation;

2. Lightweight.

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