What should be prepare before you riding a lone distance?

Because it's the first long road ride, my biggest concern is the ratio of teeth.


Let me introduce my chariot first: Giant OCR5700:

Since I have been riding around 4000km for a long time, all the original plant configurations have been changed by me. Later, due to this long-distance demand, several packages have been replaced.

Frame: aluminum alloy frame (original factory)

Front fork: 700C carbon fiber road front fork (original plant)

Speed change/brake: 105 sets (first 50/34T, last 34T `Vegetable leg long-distance needs to be replaced by 25T') (original factory is SORA kit)

Wheel group: Gynecological Dragon R3 Wheel Group (original Giant S-R4)

Handlebars: D brand SUPER ZERO curved 420mm (original factory)

Sitting tube: D card ZERO100 sitting pipe 350mm (original production) (long camel bag needs)

Seat: (original factory)



Due to the long-distance personal needs, I mainly do the following improvements on the highway car:

(1) Back flight: from the original 25T to 34T

(2) Outer tire: 700*25C outdoor tire (Magis)

(3) Bowl group: the ball bowl group was replaced by the bearing bowl group (the main reason is that the original bowl group appeared serious retardation when the handlebars of my car turned).

(4) Chain: Shimano Chain (the original chain length is insufficient due to the replacement of the backward flight)

(5) Inner tube: This is a must-be replacement. There were at least three subsidies for the former inner tube.

(6) Sitting tube: The reason for changing the sitting tube is that I found that the original sitting tube (with taillights) had a great impact on my camel bag, so I had to change it.

(7) Moderate Maintenance: Buying a car has not been maintained, but also in order to avoid car problems during the long distance.

XACD can offer you varied titanium bike parts, including frames, seat post, handlebar, like that.