What to do in winter sports for cycling, how to do?

The meaning of the winter training literally seems to be the training done in the winter, but there are some differences in the field of bicycles. Mainly because in the winter, there will be heavy snow in winter, many events can not be carried out, and even in severe cases, it is difficult to ride. So during this time, I will carry out different trainings from the past to cope with the season of the coming year.

We don't have this kind of problem living in a tropical country. It is very comfortable to ride a bicycle as long as it is properly worn in winter. So for us, winter training refers to the "off season" training method.



So what should winter training do? Mainly the following things:

1. Rest:

Generally speaking, after the season, the players will rest for about two weeks (or even longer), mainly because the fatigue accumulated in the body during the season can be completely recovered.

It is important to remember that the better the body recovers, the higher the intensity of the next training, and the better results. If the body is always in a state of fatigue, just dragging a heavy body to practice, in our idiom it is called "making tired" and there is no help for your growth.

2. Strengthen body structure and strength:

You won't do heavy training in the first few days of the game, and you will get yourself sore because it will directly affect the performance of the game. So during the season, the players don't do too tired training.

However, because winter training does not play, you have a lot of time to get yourself disabled. At that time, I don’t practice, what time is it? At this time, it is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your core muscles and other muscles that you will use for cycling.

3. Maintain sufficient endurance:

If the goal is to complete the Wuling riders within 4HR, if you are on holiday or go out and ride a 3.5HR, please maintain medium strength. In order to avoid fatigue, the immunity is reduced. Of course, it is harmless to wear a small fireworks 8-10 seconds. But try not to go to the mountain. If you really want to climb, please "slowly" climb up. The mountain bike is a good idea. Hang the 34T big flywheel and climb slowly.


4. Improve pedaling efficiency and skills:

This is an important item in winter training, because the second strength training will destroy the coordination of your original trampling. Therefore, during the winter training, it is necessary to constantly train and explore the treading skills. This can be done on an indoor training platform or outdoors.

But remember to remember that time is not long. This type of pedaling efficiency training, for a long time, people will break the work because of fatigue, and there are two major drawbacks under fatigue: First, the movement under fatigue is very likely to cause joint injuries. Second, the body will only remember the "breaking" stepping on the body, leading you to "white practice."

Therefore, in the winter training program I did this year, the training on pedaling (there are many pedaling on one foot) is almost an interval of less than 1 minute, which is to make you improve the efficiency of pedaling without breaking the work.

5. Improve your oxygen uptake capacity (cardiopulmonary):

Endurance sports require a lot of oxygen, so athletes need enough oxygen to have good performance. The development of oxygen-absorbing capacity requires "continuous" aerobic endurance exercise. Therefore, during winter training, please maintain as much as possible for aerobic exercise for more than 40 minutes per week. In order to enhance the body's oxygen-absorbing capacity.

There are many cardio training machines in the gym. You may wish to choose two or three sets, each playing for 20 minutes. How to play in order to effectively improve oxygen uptake ability, you can search for related websites.

Combining the above four main training items of "endurance", "strength", "skills" and "cardio-pulmonary", after the completion of winter training (12-16 weeks), you should have a considerable foundation. At this time, we enter the spring training. Pull strength. There will be the following results: "There is enough cardiopulmonary ability to support your muscles for powerful and skillful pedaling, which lasts for quite some time." The four foundations are integrated during the spring training, and progress will be "taken for granted". thing.

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