wheel set system of the bike is very important

The wheel group system of bicycle is mainly composed of flower drum, spoke, wheel ring and tire. The wheel group system is the key to determine whether the cycling is stable, smooth, fast and how much load, so it is very important to say that the wheel group system of bicycle is very important. We can start with learning the knowledge of bicycle and understand the industry step by step.



The Hub can be said to be the core of the wheel set, its performance largely determines the smooth running of the wheel set and the response speed, and also has certain effect on the strength of the wheel set. .

 Peilin Flower Drum and Bead Blocked Flower Drum. 

According to the difference of the internal rolling structure, the flower drum is mainly divided into Peilin flower drum and bead-blocking drum. . The structure of Peilin drum determines that the longitudinal bearing force is strong and the axial bearing force is poor, so the overall resistance of the drum will rise and the rolling performance will decrease when the wheel is inclined. However, the Peilin Flower Drum has better rolling performance with the vertical wheels.


and the theoretical resistance is a little larger than that of the Pillain structure, 

but the compressive ability is stronger and can bear heavier weight. In terms of maintenance, Pillain flower drum is more convenient to maintain than beaded flower drum in the case of special tools. However, considering the outdoor environment of long-distance travel and the imreality of carrying special tools, the maintenance of Perlin drum is not even as convenient as that of beaded drum. As long as you can find the corresponding size of the ball, the ball block drum replacement is not difficult.

The size and the number of the sound of the drum.

The sound of a flower drum is the sound that the ratchet teeth in the ratchet device rotate with the drum shell when the ratchet is idling, and the ratchet claw is knocked on the ratchet by the spring sheet. The size of the sound is related to the strength of the spring inside the drum and the amount of lubricating grease. The greater the strength of the Reed, the less the lubricating oil, the greater the sound.


So, if you want your drum to be quiet, just add a certain amount of grease to the ratchet structure. The number of drums is the number of sounds made by the inner ratchet device when the drum rotates for one week. In theory, the more the number of drums, the shorter the time for the pawl to bite the ratchet teeth and the faster the response.

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Many people mistakenly think that the more the drum sounds, the better the sound, but in fact, the more the drum sounds, which means that the more times the pawl strikes the ratchet, the theory will weaken the kinetic energy of the wheel and increase the sliding resistance of the bicycle.

Without changing the spring, reducing the grease in the ratchet structure can make the sound louder, but it will accelerate the wear of the ratchet structure. In addition, it is not said that the more grease, the better, too much oil will produce greater adhesion, affect the rolling performance of drum, and may make the spring insufficient strength, affecting the speed of pawl occlusal ratchet. We will have a lot of knowledge blind spots. I hope what I share today will let you learn about cycling. See here. Do you know more about flower drums? How much progress, more accumulation, one day you will go from a novice to a professional cyclist