When encountering these things on the road, it may be the most devastating!

The most devastating when encountering these things on the road

Most afraid of the bicycle being stolen

Many people have this experience, buy a bottle of water to drink, the bicycle will be stolen! Now, this year, you have not lost a bicycle, you are simply embarrassed to say hello to the riders! So stop, be sure to lock the car, or carry it with you!


Second, afraid of the roadside door opening

When riding at a high-speed car, when the car is parked on the side of the road, if the door suddenly opens, you will shoot it on the ground!


Three afraid of electric vehicles retrograde

The most feared bicycle ride is not a motor vehicle, but an electric car! The electric car is like a bully on the road. The retrograde electric car is even more terrible. It is not only retrograde but also likes to madly press the horn, scaring the rider to move forward.

Four are afraid of riding a bicycle

It’s hard to spend a day riding a bike, helmet and gloves, everything is ready, just started making it for ten minutes, and found that the bicycle has a strange sound, you are absolutely not good! Therefore, bicycles still need to check the drops regularly!

Five afraid of the wind blowing

against the wind? That is already a good situation! The most feared ride is the change of wind direction, but also the total change! The wind changes to the wind, the cross wind changes to the wind, and you can't be proud of indulgence.


Six fear that there is no bicycle lane

Many cities do not have bicycle lanes to understand, the most uncomfortable is the domestic world-class big cities and no bicycle lanes! Cycling this environmentally friendly and healthy way of travel should be advocated in big cities!


Seven afraid of riding a bicycle chased by a dog

This is really only the bitterness of the people who have been chased! Especially in some places with bad road conditions, behind the mad dog, you still dare not ride too fast, simply thrilling! stimulate! Crazy! If the number of Wang Xingren is greater than that of the Chinese rider, you will be embarrassed to say that you have come out to ride, so even if you are afraid of dogs, you should overcome the fear of hobbies! There is also an anti-wolf sprayer, you are not mistaken for the anti-wolf sprayer used by girls... So as long as you ride fast enough, your loneliness can't catch you, let alone the dog?


Eight afraid of narrow roads, don’t you

There is no bicycle lane on the road, so you can't walk the far right side of the motorway. The motor vehicle is narrow and not afraid. It’s a big deal for us to ride our own, but! The most feared is that Lu Mingming is very narrow. Those drivers of the overlord will come to you, and press you, scaring you to let him go first.

Nine afraid of tires without tools

If a person rides a bicycle, he has a tire in a place where there is no car repair shop for a distance of one or two kilometers. He has not taken the tools yet. It is estimated that he only knows it. So go out and ride, the most basic tools must be brought.


What is the road, what is the explosion, what is the tail of the crane... What is the chain, the lock, the diarrhea..... If you have to choose one of my most fearful things, I am most afraid of riding in parallel. Most of the most difficult, most thrilling, most irritating, scary, scary, and unbearable things encountered in the line can be reasonably avoided, so whether it is long-distance riding or leisure riding, you must be fully prepared and certain Have a strong sense of safety and self-protection!

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