Which frame is fit for 180 rider?

I'm 180, too. I bought a 10 model Jieante ATX 770, 19 inch shelf a while ago.

In fact, the height of 180 is the most suitable 18 inches in theory, but the mountain bike of giante doesn't have 18 inches (and I haven't ridden 18 inches), which is basically 15, 17, 19, 21 shelves. The former Duke of melida still had 18 inch shelves, and now the 10 models are the same as those of giante, all of them are 17, 19....

My previous car is 670, 17 inches. It's really small. Simply, I ordered a 19 inch 770.

After I bought it, I went out for a few kilometers and felt a little uncomfortable. My back hurt.

Later, I went home to adjust, took off a washer at the front of the car, and lowered the handlebar height. A pair of handles is added, and the seat position is adjusted slightly to move back a little.

After adjusting, I went out for a few more rides and felt much better. Now I'm used to riding, and it's much more comfortable than before.


Personal feeling: compared with the edge height of 180 to us, the 19 inch frame has a better hair force, the body can be extended, and the riding is more harmonious than the 17 inch frame, but the maneuverability has declined, especially when turning sharply. Because I don't usually play mountain cross-country, usually like cycling outing, so this has little impact on me.

If you often go off-road in mountainous areas, it's better to have a 17 inch one. After all, it's flexible.

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