Which material can build a best bicycle frame

Which material can build a best bicycle frame-steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber?

You  have to know that is not easy to custom a bike that you really want, it is complex process, you must very clear that what kind of bike you want.

So we will say first is the Density,  compared with steel and aluminum ,we will find titanium is about the half the density of steel, aluminum is about one third the density of steel.

The second is the elongation, It’s a measure of the material’s ductility. What’s ductility? It’s the ability of a material to deform plastically without fracturing. Elongation is a very important property to evaluate when you’re looking at materials, and I’ll examine elongation with each material analyzed.

The third one is Toughness.This is the ability of a metal to absorb energy and deform plastically before fracturing. A tough metal is more ductile and deforms rather than fracturing in a brittle manner – particularly in the presence of stress raisers such as cracks and notches. Since a very important requirement of bicycle tubes is their ability to deform and give warning of impending failure, toughness is an important property to measure.

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