Why are cycling clothing all designed tight?

Cycling clothing is an important part of cycling, but do you know how to wear a cycling suit? Are you wearing the brand's professional cycling clothing for the first time? Do you feel a little tighter than everyday clothing or casual sportswear? Why is this feeling? Is the size selection small? With these questions, let us know the difference between cycling apparel and other clothing:

Why are cycling costumes tight?


Tight riding apparel

1. Cycling clothing is a clothing category specially developed for bicycle sports.

2. In the riding costumes, please simulate the riding posture to feel whether the cycling apparel is comfortable.

3. The front piece of the cycling suit is short and the back piece is long; the front waist of the riding pants is shallow and the back waist is long. These are special designs for the posture when leaning over.

4, reducing wind resistance is one of the basic functions of cycling clothing, which requires the riding clothing must be close to the skin of the slim three-dimensional cut, not like the casual or casual sports clothing that loosely squat on the body. At the same time, the self-cultivation of the three-dimensional design will also use the elasticity of the fabric itself to provide a counteracting force to the muscles in the movement, to some extent protect the muscles from injury during riding.

5, although the riding clothing is close to the skin, but the functional fabric has excellent moisture wicking function, in the ride, you can still keep the body of the rider dry.

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