Why do you keep cycling in winter

The weather in winter makes people lazy. Do you want to ride a bike or not?


1. Speed up blood circulation and improve immunity.

Cold weather, human body function decline, because of low temperature affect blood circulation, to a certain extent will appear heart brain blood supply insufficient, blood supply insufficient will lead to cold hands and feet, mental atrophic, easy to become trapped symptoms. However, through continuous exercise, blood circulation will be gradually increased and circulated to various parts of human body.


2. Improve the ability of the protection of the cold

When riding, because of the shrinking of the muscles, the heat generated by the body is increased, the excitability of the cerebral cortex is enhanced, and the temperature regulation center becomes sensitive, thus being beneficial to the improvement of the people's cold resistance and the reduction of the disease.

The commuting time is controllable, there is no need to squeeze the bus, periodic aerobic exercise may also be able to lose weight. Although the cold weather is no longer an excuse not to exercise, but we insist on cycling at the same time to do a good job of keeping warm, if the temperature is too low, you can ride indoors with a cycling platform, can also ride a fire in winter!