Why do you must wear locking shoes when riding a bicycle?

First of all, what I want to say here is the bicycle lock shoes. It is definitely not a patent for professional players, but the necessity of riding. Let's talk about the benefits of wearing a self-locking shoe. If you feel that something is wrong, please correct me.

With the popularity of cycling sports, more and more bicycle enthusiasts have used self-locking pedals. Perhaps most people grow up on bicycles from childhood, they all feel that self-locking is completely unnecessary, but many have used it. People who are self-locking will not change back to the way they used to use horizontal pedals. Why?

To sum it up, there are two points:

1) effort

This is the best function for aerobic exercise with a lot of physical exertion.

In general, you can save 25% of your effort. With a self-locking pedal, you can easily get on a hillside that you used to struggle on. Especially when riding for a long time, it will feel a lot easier. This is because when one foot is down, the other foot can be lifted in the past! It seems that the force can be doubled.

Maybe you won't get used to it at the beginning, maybe you don't think it's a must, but it's natural to use the self-locking action. Sometimes you can also do low-speed off-the-seat riding, which looks professional. It turns out that the body is leaning forward, the front foot is stepping on the back foot, and the person and the car are very beautiful. I can't do it anymore, if I don't remember to step on it, I just remember to pull it, I remember I forgot to step on it. It seems that I have to use it for a while to adapt. This is just the two feet in the "joining together" to drive the sprocket to rotate. An unusually smooth feeling.

2) Stable

People who have used the pedals know that they must step on the pedals on the bumpy stone roads, do not let the feet loose, and have no idea to step on them. However, if you use self-locking, you don’t have to think about using your feet. It’s a hassle to pedal. You can just step on the pedals, as long as you control the handlebars, the problem of grabbing the feet has already helped you.

If you don't use self-locking, it will bring you danger. You may not be able to adapt quickly in the early stage of self-locking. When you park your car, you usually use the pedal-level person to unconsciously stop when you stop. This habit often causes beginners to make jokes. Stepping on the self-locking person to stop and pick up the pedals. Because you need to turn your ankles to get out of the self-locking state, it takes a time, especially for beginners to pick the pedals. Unskilled, at this time he can't take off his pedals at the same time, but he loses his balance and has to fall to the side of the ground. If he has a car, it is more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners have to practice the process of getting off the car in the early stage of use, and they must have the awareness of picking up the foot before parking.

It is not enough to have a good self-locking pedal. A good pair of shoes is also essential. The quality of the shoes also directly affects the use of self-locking. The sole should be hard, the shoes and the feet, tight but not uncomfortable. When you unlock, don't feel any gap between the feet and the shoes, so you can fully feel the fun of self-locking for your ride.

Add some, self-locking anti-bumping ability to strengthen, especially the high-speed bumps need you to hang on the air or high-speed bumps in the middle and lower mountains need to focus on the back, the suspension system is not good hard XC mountain bike is likely to put your feet Reversal, then you must definitely fall.

In terms of performance, there is usually no self-locking system in the strong bumps. It is necessary to slow down the speed on the pedals, because it is very likely that you will be thrown off the foot and fall when you continue to pedal. At this time, you can see people with their hips hanging over their legs. Accelerate from your side, you will be very depressed, and the sudden acceleration before the half slope or the end point, the person who uses the self-locking can be said to have the power of the two legs, one foot stepping on the foot, this will make no self The person locking the system quickly feels that the legs are soft or unable to accelerate.

Long-distance riding uses the benefits of self-locking, not to mention the fact that it allows the power distribution of the legs to change, and the legs of the rear foot can also play a role in the lifting, which makes the ride less fatigue and high speed. It takes longer.

A very important part of the self-locking system is actually the sole, because the self-locking shoes usually do not bend, which prevents the pedaling force from being consumed in the bending of the arch material, and can not be transmitted to the pedal in a larger proportion. Every foot in the invisible is playing more efficiency.


Why do you wear lock shoes when riding a bicycle?

Mistakes in locking shoes:

1) The human leg muscles and bone structure are very suitable for pedaling, but not longer than pulling and pulling.

A: Self-locking is not the main push, it is to make the other foot pedal faster than the foot pedal to lock the foot on the foot. That is to say, for the faster frequency pedaling, it is self-locking.

2) Self-locking helps to improve the pedaling frequency, so athletes can't use it.

A: Wrong, cycling exercise determines the frequency of pedaling to reduce consumption, while pedaling at high frequencies is easy to slip and cause serious injury, so lock your feet. Self-locking is widely used by cycling enthusiasts, not just athletes. In fact, there are very few athletes (including three irons) who are engaged in cycling sports on this planet.

3) Learn to use self-locking to have a long practice process. You can practice pedaling and pulling without interruption in order to learn how to properly pedal and lift to complete a smooth rotation. .

A: Yes, it takes 3-6 months for normal learning to lock. Many people who are just self-locking are not reliable in their evaluation of self-locking. There are coaches of the cycling team in China, asking the new team members to practice self-locking on the basketball court for two months. The circle is drawn very round and very labor-saving, and then go out to ride long distances. Therefore, the evaluation of people who have not used self-locking for more than half a year is not informative.

4) In the urban area where there are pedestrians, riding on the street is generally difficult to ensure that you can ride constantly. The role of self-locking is not great, and it is easy to crash without accidentally unlocking, and hurting people.

A: According to the third point, only those who wear self-locking to show off, rather than those who are really hard-working self-locking technology, will appear in the street can not be unlocked. It is completely customary to unlock a well-trained self-locked rider.

5) Bicycle lock shoes are not conducive to walking, especially road lock shoes. Non-athlete riders are walking around to see if they are going to get off.

A: Self-locking shoes are used for cycling, not for walking. The same reason: please tell Liu Xiang, telling him that wearing spikes is not conducive to walking.

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