why some bikes not install kickstand?

bikes are not equipped with kickstand. It is also a "question for the ages" in the bicycle industry.

 I should listen to it. who?


In fact, if you study it seriously, you still have every reason. For the time being, the nine reasons why you needn't the kickstand. Let’s see if you have any tricks!

  1. Not safe.

When the road bike is loaded with kickstand, the team accidentally catches up when riding, and the  bike front is inserted into the front wheel of the bicycle, which will cause a serious accident.

Mountain riding, kickstand may hook to the roots of the vines, once the bicycle is easy to hurt. (The brain fills the foot into the bloody picture of the calf.) If there are many stones on the road, it is difficult to imagine how serious the consequences caused by the bumps causing the feet to hit the stones.


  2. To lose weight.

For the enthusiasts who would rather add a few pounds of meat to themselves and never let the bike have a few grams more weight, the kickstand is something from the wild world.

A rider friend: "I have spent a few thousand on the 6800 sets for the weight reduction, the carbon handle, the titanium frame and the titanium bolts to reduce the weight of a few hundred grams, one kickstand makes me try to float all the water..."

3. Ugly, not good-looking.

To put it bluntly, it is not professional. Especially the carbon fiber bike, you let the bicycle owner try a kickstand - "God! I have no face to go out again..."


4. Poor, can't afford it.

"In order to install this bike has exhausted the family, and finally used such a good kit front fork wheel set, there is still money to buy kickstand."

5. Will damage the frame.

For example, the aluminum frame, it is said that thekickstand will be painted, and the ride will be loose and hit the frame. As for the carbon fiber bike, quite a lot of riders suspect that the kickstand is clipped on the thin rear fork, will the frame clip be deformed or even pinched off?

However, some riders also asked: If the bicycle is parked against the wall or falls to the ground, will it be different to other parts? Did you accidentally fall to the ground and scratch it more seriously?

  What do you think?


6. Can't use it.

"Biking is just for cycling, there is no need to stop the bike for a long time."

“Loading a foot is like locking a bicycle, it only makes disappear faster.”

7. Easy to beat.

The legs are as short as my body will not feel the foot, but it is said that some riders feel this kind of trouble. (How long is this leg?)

  8. The luggage is too heavy and the kickstand are useless.

This is really a matter of experience. When traveling long distances, the shelves are loaded with heavy luggage. The feet are still supported a few days before the departure, and then it becomes more and more curved and more and more curved...

Later found a solution: you can choose the bilateral foot support installed in the five-way part, also known as the middle support. (However, it is necessary to reserve the mounting holes, not all bicycles can be fitted)

  9. I am happy, who care?

There is no reason, I don’t want to install kickstand? 


But for you, how you will choice? But I think you can consider choice the Titanium kickstand, but before you buy it you should know it's there have the kickstand mount to use it?

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