Why the bike will be equipped with derailleur?

Cycling equipment wholesale said that many people mistakenly believe that bicycles are equipped with derailleur in order to speed up the ride, in fact, people can emit only 0.4 horsepower. The transmission is just a tool to help people use this maximum horsepower easily.

Generally, bicycles are used in cities. There are many slopes in cities. Sometimes, for example, when you ride a bicycle, your feet suddenly sink. There are often more slopes that you can't judge with your eyes. At this time, the role of the transmission can be fully reflected, if there is a transmission, at this time as long as it can be replaced by lighter gears can easily ride. Of course, it can also be used against the wind.

The advantage of the transmission is that it can help you reduce your physical consumption effectively in the case of poor physical strength. For example, when you have a cold, you shouldn't spend too much energy, so if you ride a bicycle with a lighter number of teeth, it will be easier than when you ride a bicycle. In addition, when women are not in good health when students are tired in examinations, and older people are able to use variable speed bicycles flexibly. So the benefits of the transmission are really too much.


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