Why Titanium bike products it's much more expensive?

Why Titanium bike products it's much more expensive?

In the city or hometown, the normal thing we saw the the rider riding the Aluminum or Carbon bike, seldom to see the titanium bike on the road, when you ask the rider: why don't you riding the Titanium bike? they will say: tooo expensive! OK, so why the titanium bike is so much expensive?

The most important thing is due to the complicated production technology.

Titanium bike not like the Aluminum and carbon which made via the usual mould, but Titanium all production processing will be made by hand. Also when welding it need the clean Oxygen free environment, otherwise the welds will be fail.

Titanium tubes flexibility, strong, good plasticity, so it can be made with difference shapes and difference size. so we didn't make the normal products in store, we just made the titanium according to customers request. if there is high-level configuration, and for the special bicycle dropouts then it will be CNC...

XACD titanium CNC

Also these titanium bike products made by hand, so artificial cost is very high. one titanium bike frame from design to the frame complete, it will cost 4weeks, and it has almost 20working procedure. 

So the completed titanium bike is outstanding works for you and your riding life.

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