XACD titanium cycles let you know---50 tips experience in cycling

XACD titanium cycles let you know---50 tips experience in cycling

Cycling is a basket, everything has to be loaded inside. When riding a car, you have to learn to master the bicycle structure in order to repair your car at any time; you have to understand nutrition and make sure you are not dead; you have to master some medical maintenance knowledge to ensure that you are riding more and more healthy, the following 50 points hardware Use tips that will make you feel like you are on the road.


1. Make sure that your tire repair tool has a plastic cover with a gas nozzle. If the gas nozzle is unfortunately leaking, the cover can be remedied.

2, when the spare tire is rolled in the inside, so that it will not be pierced by the mouth in the pocket of the clothes.

3. When installing the tire, put the trademark on the same side as the inner tube of the inner tube, so that it is easy to find the hole of the tire from the place where the inner tube is broken.

4, after the broken tires, turn over the tires to see if there are small thorns inside, and use the nails to pick out the small thorns from the surface of the particles.

5. Do not use the sandpaper or metal sharpening knife attached to the tire repair kit. It is enough to clean the inner tube with a moist towel.

6. Slightly pump up the new inner tube to a little bulging, put it into the tire, put the gas nozzle and insert the side of the tire into the other side, then stuff it into the other side.

7. When plugging the last part of the harder tire's edge, pull the side of the plug and pull it into the last part.


8. The last part of the plug is the densest place between the inner tube and the wheel frame. Even if you use tools, you don't have to worry about puncture.

9. On the road or at home, use the same steps to repair your tires. The more you master the game, the shorter the repair time.

10. If you use a lightweight inner tube, do not use a thin wheel frame protection belt, use a 22mm Velox or OE full width plastic strip.

11. The wheel frame protection belt should be maintained. Check each time the tire is removed. If the tape is turned up or down, it should be replaced.

12, just change the tubeless tires when practicing inflation, do not use the protective tire fluid, practice to the last hand and then use the tire repair agent to practice once.

13. If the arrow on the tire indicates that the tread should face forward, believe it, the opposite direction of the tire will not let you climb or brake better.

14. Do you want an immediate suspension effect? Change to a high-capacity 2.0 or 2.1 tire. Large wheel widths use less gas and better shock absorption.

15. If you want more shock absorption, use a 2.0 or 2.1 vacuum tire.


16. In the place where the soft soil is covered with soft or hard soil, do not use the front wheel of 1.9 or finer. The fine particles will be buried in the soil, causing the loss of forward momentum or even crashing.

17. Put the medicinal alcohol in a clean small spray bottle and spray the hat, shoes and insole to make the smell fresh.

18. Pull out the insole after riding the car and clean it. If you wear SIDI shoes, check if the sole and the button screw are tight.

19, put some talcum powder in the shoes can keep the smell pleasant, but also easy to put on the shoes.

20, do not believe the positioning of the card step, it is best to compare the left and right feet. If you have several pairs, compare the cards of different brands to find consistency.


21. Before washing clothes, cover the part of the car with the devil's stain to prevent it from sticking to other clothes or cotton wool.

22, SimpleGreen (American brand decontamination cleaner) is a very good non-injury bleach, is also a great bicycle detergent, generally cleaned with water diluted 1/2.

23. If you are using a titanium screw, after removing the crank, first tighten the crank with an old steel screw and replace it with the titanium screw.

24. Is your seat cushion too hard and comfortable? Hurry and buy one or two cycling pants.

25, wearing a car shoes standing against the wall, with a book against the wall than your cross, the height of the book is marked on the wall, this is the height of your cushion (you can also directly stretch the cushion to the crotch ).

26, when adjusting the wheel set, do not need to use the locklock (threadlock) to treat the wheel set, only need to pay attention to whether the spokes are loose.

27. This is the height of the beginning. If you often sit in front of the cushion, lower the cushion by 1/8 inch. If you often slide to the rear, pull the cushion up 1/8 inch.

28. When the hands are released, the slope of the cushion should keep your butt position. If you will slide forward, lift your nose slightly.

29, Li Kebai is a cheap and convenient and can be bought everywhere. It can be used to indicate the height of your standard seat bar, which is convenient for releasing the quick release and then returning to the original position.

30. Li Ke can also be used to indicate the position of the shifting and brake lines before the clamp is adjusted, which makes it easier to measure how many positions the line moves.


31. Mark the center of the shock absorber damping adjustment knob, align the marking on the shock absorber, on the fork leg or another indication on the fork crown.

32. After drinking the water in the water bag, blow the water pipe to open the water bag and you will get some extra water.

33. If your water bag is filled with sports drinks, clean the water bag immediately after riding back. Take the nozzle out and let the water dry completely.

34. Will BB bark? Unpack the BB to clean all the parts (cups, cartridge, shell threads), and then install a thin layer of lubricant on the threads.


35. At least one more screw on the sole of the shoe in the tool. After you encounter the worst mechanical problems, a small bundle of wire and nylon Ties can help you go home.

36, go out to ride a bicycle, do not wear a universal glue, in addition to being used as the final repair tool, it can also bond the wound.

37. Electrical tape is a great tool that you can use for painting or repair.

38. If you can only continue to ride after the puncture, wrap the wire tape around the tire and the rim for several turns, so that the tire can be fixed to reduce the damage of the wheel frame.

39. When riding out, you'd better bring a folding tool set with a chainer. With a few more chains, you can sacrifice the gear without cutting the chain.

40. Confirm that you can recognize the injured rivets after repairing. After returning, please press the rivet tool to press the car.

41. We successfully put the rivets out of the shimano's center-punch-riveted chains and put them in. After returning home, we used Rohloff’s tools to fix the rivets.

42. Bring a magic buckle of sram in the bag. When your chain is broken, push out the broken section and use this to connect.

43. In case of emergency, petrochemical oil can be used as a substitute for mineral oil, and 5wt. (viscosity unit) bicycle or motorcycle front fork oil can be used.

50 small experiences in cycling

44. Always prepare some tails at home. Every time you cut the brakes/shift lines, you have to put the tails on the ends. Nothing is worse than damaging the brakes/shift lines.

45. Place the car upside down and support it with the handlebar and the seat cushion. This will be more stable and easier to remove the crank, swing arm and other larger screws.

46. If the sun is too big to burn your feet, remember to take the electronic products such as the code on the handle when you are on the roof (the electricity changes.) The sun can burn the screen.

47. Every time you turn the bolt down, put on the lubricating oil, so that the bolt can be screwed accurately and will not loosen.

48. Put a thin layer of lubricating oil on the seat tube before loading it into the frame, so that it will not rust and stick the seat rod to the frame.


49. Do not put the quick release lock too tight. After each removal, dilute the grease on the thread. Occasionally, use WD-40 to lubricate the turning point of the quick release handle.

50, quick release should be firmly locked, but not desperately locked, quick release in a suitable tightness, the wheel will rotate smoothly.

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