10 Points Riding Precautions You Must Know In Winter

10 points riding precautions you must know in winter


Departure time should not be too early. Modern meteorological studies have confirmed that the daily minimum temperature is generally around 5 am, and at this time in winter, it is not yet sunrise, and the weather is very cold. At this time, going out to exercise, vulnerable to "wind evil", is very susceptible to colds and colds, but also easily lead to joint pain, stomach pain and other diseases. Exposed parts of the body, such as the hands and face (especially the ears), are also susceptible to freezing. Generally, after the sun comes out for half an hour, the morning cold begins to ease.


Warm-up time before riding should be lengthened. Winter riding, warm-up is an essential thing. The lower the temperature, the longer the warm-up distance needs to be. It is best to ride slowly until you feel your body sweating and your feet are hot. Through a period of warm-up, the grip of the road and the tire can be sensed to determine the intensity of the ride. It is not recommended to ride hard when riding. The normal speed is to heat the car as soon as possible with a slightly higher cadence, so as not to cause damage to the bearings and balls due to uneven grease.


The winter temperature is relatively low, and the human body consumes a lot of heat. The three principles of windproof, warm and breathable should be considered first.


When the temperature is between 5 °C and 15 °C, you can choose the upper body quick-drying underwear + long-sleeved Jersey, the lower body fleece riding pants or the long-sleeved pants + riding pants, the temperature is not very low, during the ride, The heat consumption is not very large, and the quick-drying underwear and the cycling wear have good breathability. The individual quick-drying underwear has a thick layer of fiber layer treatment on the chest, and the riding pants are tightly designed to effectively reduce the oncoming wind and the wind. Direct contact with the legs reduces drag and heat loss.

When the temperature is between -5 °C and +5 °C, you can choose the combination of upper body quick-drying underwear + fleece + windbreaker, lower body long thick riding pants, or short riding pants + wool pants + sweatpants, now advanced Winter cycling suits are generally designed with an internal fleece design and an outer barrier material, which is ideal for cycling at this temperature.


When the temperature is below -5 °C, it is not recommended to carry out long-distance cycling activities, recommended for short-distance riding, quick-drying underwear + fleece + jacket, and the lower body can consider the matching of thermal underwear + thick riding pants.


Girls don't forget your delicate face. When we ride in the winter, our faces are always exposed, especially girls, don't want to save any skin care products, moisturizers and sunscreens are necessary.

Because of the low temperatures in winter, people are more likely to consume physical energy and fat when riding. Therefore, protein should be taken more than usual, so that it can be repaired and grown in muscles. In winter, there is less sweating and it should be supplemented with green vegetables and dairy products.

In winter, the water will drain quickly. When you feel hungry, you can eat something. When you are thirsty, drink some water. Before you exercise, you can drink something hot. You can drink it with a water bottle. Hot water, put on the kettle cover can keep the hot water for a longer time.


There is no quick-drying underwear, you can use short-sleeved Jersey to replace, after all, the material is similar, better breathability.

It is not recommended to wear a coat that is too thick or too big, and pants to ride, which will increase the wind resistance and cause unnecessary heat loss. The wide dress will also bring a lot of hidden dangers to the ride. Many riders who have entered the pit have chosen the jacket and think that the jacket can withstand the cold. However, during the ride, we will sweat a lot. The rider who wears the jacket may have a layer of sweat after riding the car, so the ride is very uncomfortable. In addition, the jacket is generally very wide, and the ride is very resistant. Big.


In the winter, the dress is the same as the other three seasons. The color of the clothing is as bright as possible, which is easy to cause attention on the road and safety first.

The choice of goggles is important to reduce the irritation of the wind. Riding after the snow is especially important. Can effectively reduce the damage caused by sunlight reflection on the eyes

If the full-finger gloves feel cold, you can bring a pair of thin white gloves, and then wear the full-finger gloves on the outside. This will effectively keep warm.

Some small things will bring great help to your riding. Sports scarves are a very small choice. Nowadays, the popular magic scarf can change a variety of shapes and change a variety of uses, whether it is a mask or a headscarf, a scarf, I believe. You will need it.

Winter riding, especially in snow, UV is relatively strong, but also pay attention to sun protection; after the end of the ride, hot feet with hot water to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue.

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