11 Abnormal Thoughts On Cycling Around The World For 6 Year

About language communication, how can we communicate without foreign language?

"What time is it now? Do you want to learn a foreign language? Translation software is enough to break through the world.

But in fact, language is because, in order to reflect its charm and exchange with foreigners, each other with translation software pinch, dialogue, that is actually pale information, between you there is no language to give pleasure and soul.


But I don't have a gift for language, I just can't learn a foreign language well. 

I'll tell you how many Fujian villagers have gone across the sea to seek gold, and how few of them are highly educated, but they are able to communicate and communicate freely with the local people in other countries. "Who, who and who, English is not a word, how many countries have gone." In fact, this should not be an inspirational story, it will give many people to emulate, do not learn, hurry around the world, back to their own circle there is endless bullying.

 In fact, for the world, we are only the first to see, what about the understanding of others?


I'm ashamed that I can't speak the language of this country. After all, I lack a very important link to know the people of this country. It's not enough to just stay on the surface and books. As for language, language environment and practice are very important. The trick is to take notes. All the people we meet are teachers. 

All the local people will not refuse when they are faced with a foreigner who comes to ask for language. Just as we are in the same situation when we are faced with foreigners to ask for advice on how to speak Chinese, we will patiently correct the accent of others. People are right. You also have an invisible sense of pride.


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