5 Major Changes Brought By Bicycling Every Day For Half An Hour

For most people, it is unrealistic to spend hours of cycling (training) every day like a professional driver. But have you ever thought about how to spend half an hour riding a bike every day? We can first set a small goal, such as insisting on continuous riding for 15 days, first feel the changes that will eventually bring you.


You will fall in love with commuting

Not everyone can take time to exercise on a daily basis, especially after work, there is always a feeling of exhaustion in the body, not to mention cycling or gym fitness, and may not even want to eat.

  How to do? Cycling to and from work is a very good solution, especially if the company is no more than an hour's drive from the residence. According to 2015 survey data, 60% of the citizens in Portland, the most popular city in the United States, ride more than 2.5 hours a week, most of which is spent on cycling.

In a city with heavy traffic, bicycles are faster than cars. They also exercise while riding bicycles. They can eat more bowls of rice at home in the evening. They can also justify the words "Ge You Li", which is really a lot of benefits.

As early as 2005, rigorous German scientists have concluded that women who moderately cycle for three hours a week can reduce their chances of breast cancer by 34%.


Since insisting on cycling,  you will be in spirit

Adhere to moderate riding - at least half an hour a day, can help you reduce fatigue, improve your reaction, memory, and make your thinking more sensitive.

Cycling can also reduce anxiety and depression. Corey Kunzer, a physiotherapist at the Mayo Clinic (the largest integrated medical facility in the United States), said, “Biking is the best way to relieve stress.”

Sexuality is more harmonious

According to the American cycling magazine Bicycling: A study conducted by Arkansas State University for 400 volunteers found that men who insisted on exercising for 6-7 days a week had a higher desire for sex than the average, which means they More confident in this regard (women's sexual expectations have also increased, but relatively not so high). In addition, the 20-minute intensity of cycling exercise will make women more enjoyable in terms of sex.


Regarding the above statement, I don’t know if there are any netizens who ride bicycles every day to confirm with their own personal experience.

Don't worry about eating too much

Especially for food, two more desserts after cycling every day will not produce a sense of "less diet." Exercise can offset the negative effects of overeating (although you will still gain weight).

The University of Bath in the United Kingdom did a study three years ago. The two groups consumed 1.5 times a day, but one group insisted on exercising for 45 minutes a day while the other group did not do any exercise. The group of exercisers gained an average of 1.1 kg in weight and the other group increased by an average of 2.7 kg.

Can live for a few more years


A number of research institutions have confirmed through experiments that exercise has longevity. For example, in a research project called “Oslo Research”, Norway recruited 15,000 people for a 39-year study and found that exercise for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week can help them than they do without any exercise. People live for 5 years.

After 12 years of data tracking and analysis of more than 400,000 people, Wen Qibang, a professor at the Taiwan Institute of Health Research, found that he insisted on exercising 15 minutes a day, reducing mortality by 14% and living on average for 3 years.

Although I don't know how many years I can live now, one thing is certain: I feel younger at least 10 years old after cycling!

What changes have you brought to your bicycle?

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