5 Strokes To Ease Cycling Fatigue

XACD titanium cycles custom---5 strokes to ease cycling fatigue

For cyclists, cycling is a healthy and natural way to travel and enjoy the beauty of the riding process. A bicycle can travel with a set of riding equipment, simple and environmentally friendly. Drive through the bumpy road, through the dark tunnel, and experience it in the constant difficulties. However, it is inevitable to ride down the fatigue and muscle aches. It is necessary to know that cycling requires a coordination of the whole body. Long-term riding will cause excessive physical exertion, muscle fatigue, and serious damage to muscles. So, how can we effectively eliminate muscle soreness?


In addition to supplementing sports drinks and food, what you need most is rest and relaxation. Be aware that cycling can make your legs thick and your legs thin, depending on your exercise intensity and muscle recovery. Recently, San Francisco-based yoga teacher Pat Bailey, who advocated doing some yoga exercises after riding, has a significant effect on the rapid recovery of muscles and the stretching of leg lines. And in the muscles and ligaments pulled again and again, you can feel the peace and smoothness brought by breathing.

Pat Bailey shows their quirky posture and love for bicycles along the San Francisco Bay. The purpose of this yoga teacher is to show similar (but complementary) characteristics between the two disciplines.


In fact, more and more articles and books combine bicycles and yoga. “The combination of yoga and cycling is healthy and perfect for us. Practice yoga to increase physical strength and muscle tension, which makes us full of strength and flexibility. In addition to physical factors, psychological factors also play an important role. Contact yoga to relax after relaxation And calm, let us focus more on the road, keep a uniform breathing, control the cadence, and ensure that we can go further.

For those unfamiliar with yoga, 700bike is here to prepare 5 yoga moves for you that not only increase your flexibility, but also help your muscles recover from long rides. Be aware that stretching after riding is always necessary.



This exercise can deeply relax your hips and piriformis, and this part of the person who rides the bike is particularly vulnerable. Sitting on a yoga mat with your hands behind the mat. The right ankle is placed on the left knee. Then press your hip area back and forth, you will feel it yourself.



The tendon is a muscle on the outside of the thigh that extends from the buttocks to the knees. Press on the yoga mat and support your upper body with your elbow. The other hand can also be fitted. Tighten your abdomen. In the process of pressing back and forth, it may be a bit painful at first, but it is really effective.

3. Thigh muscles


This is another relaxing action that starts to make you cry. Prone on the foam shaft, support the forearm, press the front of the thigh, this time to relax your quads. Sit on the yoga mat and press the back of your thigh. This time you relax your biceps and hamstrings.

4. Calf muscles


When you ride, your feet, calves and calves are in a fixed position, so they need to stretch and massage. Kneeling on the yoga mat, press before and after. Then supine, press the calf and support with your arm.

5. Lower back


This relaxing action helps to ease your hunchback riding posture, preferably with a long yoga shaft. Sit on the yoga shaft and support it with your hips and head. Open your shoulders. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and hold on for 15 minutes.

I believe that by step by step practice, you will definitely benefit from it.

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