7 Things About Riding, You Really Need To Know But Are Embarrassed To Ask

When you start cycling, the most likely scenario is that you are not bothered by many problems. If you have been making progress and then really catching the key points on the bike, then the normal situation is that you will experience more difficult problems.

From the pants, do you want to wear underwear to doubt whether you want to shave your legs? There is no stupid question in it. We all encountered the same problem during the ride.

1. I bought a bicycle for the first time. How much do you think is appropriate?


Very good question, the answer to this question depends on how much disposable income you have. However, in general, in the matter of buying a car, a penny is worth the goods. "Shelf hardness, light weight, cheap - pre-select two" is really useful for those who want to buy a car.

You may need to recalibrate the price/performance ratio of your bicycle, especially if your last car is your stroller.

Before you have a prototype in your head, write down how often you want to use and use the car. If you just want to work hard, there is almost no wear and tear. But if you want to take a risk, then you deserve to pay more for light weight and durability.

Next, write down what you want to achieve by cycling, such as losing weight, becoming strong, adding a new hobby or simply saving your car. This step will help you realize the more value a bicycle can bring to you, and it will give you a psychological comfort, telling you that it is worth the money.

2. Do I want to be a professional bike fit?


Bike fit is a program that helps the rider to select and set bicycle accessories, so that the bicycle setting is the best rider's riding target. In general, a rider's ride target includes comfort, efficiency and safety.

Definitely needed! This is one of the most worthwhile things to date. Whether you are a super local gold fighter or a grocery truck, as long as this car is not suitable for your body, then your money will be spent.

Make sure that the person who gives you a fit is a trustworthy person. Make sure you do a fit every two years, or when you feel something is wrong, there are some good feelings gone; or you are going to ride a long distance, you should test it.

3. Do I want to wear those padded pants?


Cycling is a pleasant and comfortable thing, not tormented and uncomfortable. So the answer is to wear. Maybe you will feel that the thick cushions are a bit like children's diapers when you first start wearing them, but after a while you forget their existence. Believe me, it can reduce the stress on your ischial bone, protect your skin with frequent friction, and finally let you ride longer.

4. Why can't I wear short cycling pants all year round?

This question is easy to answer - because it will be very cold. When you feel cold or start to shake, your body function is difficult to perform well. Blood will flow from your hands and feet to the core area to maintain the temperature of important internal organs, so your thighs will be deprived of blood transporting oxygen and will be difficult to sustain. If your thighs feel cold, then you will become very stiff, so don't mention any smooth pedaling.

Your joints will become stiff, which is very likely to cause damage to your ligaments and tendons. That is, when you are riding up and sweating, if the temperature drops, then you have to find a way to keep your knees and calves warm. We recommend that when the temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius, you need to keep your knees warm. Put a layer of zippered trousers on the outside so that you can open the ventilation when you are hot, and keep warm when you are cold.

5. When do I need more than one bottle cage (more than one bottle of water)?


When you ride for more than 90 minutes, or if the weather is really hot, you need more than one bottle of water to install multiple bottle cages in the car. Moisture is very important, but it is often overlooked by everyone from the ranks of supplies. Moisture can have a huge impact on your body. If you remember to bring a bottle of water on your bike, if you are not sure how long you are riding, how long you are riding, how hot the weather is, then bring a few more bottles. This will keep you feeling relaxed and avoid the struggle to get water.

6. Hey is a sports drink, do I need them?

There are two broad categories of sports drinks: hypotonic and isotonic. Low-permeability beverages are low-carbon waters containing sodium, potassium, chlorine, etc., when you sweat a lot, supplement the electrolyte and salt lost in the body. You need them when you are riding in the weather with temperatures above 30 degrees.

Isotonic beverages, compared to low-permeability, add only 25-30 g of sugar per 500 ml of water. If you train or ride for more than 90 minutes, you will need an isotonic drink. In other words, if you have a low intensity, or if you haven't reached 90 minutes, you don't have to drink this.

7. When is the best time to eat while riding?


It depends on how long you are riding. If you are riding for 90 minutes, you don't need food. But if you are more than 90 minutes old, you should eat something after the first hour and then replenish it every forty minutes. Some snacks, such as bananas, pancakes, malt bread and dried fruit, such as raisins and dried apricots, are very good. They are all natural, carbohydrate-rich foods.

If your training intensity is very high, then energy glue will be a convenient choice. If you choose an isotonic sports drink, don't forget that the drink you drink also gives you some heat.

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