A 4-wheeled Bicycle With A Canopy Was Invented Abroad,which Can Shelter The Wind And Rain And Can Reach A Speed Of 40 Km Per Hour

Many countries are advocating low-carbon travel, frequent travelers will naturally choose the right means of transport, close to the bicycle because it is more convenient, now shared bicycle is also popular, providing great convenience for people to travel. A new type of four-wheel bicycle was invented by a cattle man abroad.

Designers broke the traditional bicycle design concept, equipped the bicycle with four wheels, and also equipped with awning and windshield, which is mainly driven by human resources. An electric assistant ride can be powered by electricity when it is tired. From the back of the bicycle, it looks more like a tricycle. From the overall point of view, we can find that the design of this bicycle is smooth and its resistance is small in the process of operation.

Such a bicycle posture is quite different from that of ordinary people, because the bicycle has a back chair that can be relied on, which makes it feel like driving a car. Compared with ordinary bicycles, this four-wheeled bicycle is simpler and more labor-saving. The chassis of this bicycle has also been carefully adjusted. Even if it encounters uneven road surface, it will not feel very bumpy. Drivers with good shock absorption effect of the chassis will be more comfortable. The maximum speed of the new bicycle can reach 40 kilometers per hour. It is always a problem to go shopping.

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