A Titanium Road Bike Frame Order, How To Get It From The Customer?

This is a failure example and I post it here, hoping to get some advices from readers.


At that time, I had sent hundreds of introduction email about our titanium bike frames to customers email address recorded in our previous Alibaba titanium bicycle frame company account. And one day, I received an email from this customer asking for our titanium bicycle parts and I was very happy. He said he wanted to buy a road bike frame from us by XUSD and asked for a quotation. So I gave him our best price and one compliment customer email for him reference. He said the price was ok and would send the dropouts to us for welding to the frame due to the dropouts very special. Everything goes smoothly and we communicate very frequently. Then he said he would arrange the deposit and the dropouts sending. Then he disappeared. I emailed him many times asking for the reason and got nothing.

It confused me. For a long time I always want to know what the reason is. If he thought the price is high or the production time is long or other things, I can understand. But we work out every thing, and then he didn’t reply my email.


What do you think is the reason?