Advantages Of Titanium Bicycle Frame

Titanium alloy is a high-performance material used in aerospace products. It has excellent metal material properties and is the most advanced and ideal material for the production of high-end bicycles for all kinds of competitions and leisure. The outstanding characteristics of titanium alloy are light weight, high strength, good elasticity, good impact resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and never rust..

In order to produce a lightweight and strong bicycle frame, the strength of pure titanium metal is higher. The addition of aluminum and vanadium to titanium is more elastic (compared to aluminum) and is also beneficial for design.

.Without rust, titanium alloy not only has a weight of only 50% of steel but also has a strength-to-weight ratio of 28.4% higher than that of chrome-molybdenum steel. Titanium alloys have twice the fatigue limit of the steel, and aluminum alloy bicycles cannot be compared with titanium alloy bicycle frames in this respect after a long period of use. As a high-strength and low-density titanium alloy material applied to the bicycle frame, it not only makes the bicycle frame light and strong but also makes the bicycle frame more durable. . .Good riding. Titanium is also used in the spring of the shock absorber. Bicycle frames made of titanium are now suitable for long rides.