Analysis Of Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chainless Bicycles

What is the principle of the chain-free bicycle? With the development of technology, the concept of the chain-free bicycle has followed. Many friends are very curious about the principle of the chain-free bicycle. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this chain-free bicycle? Let's get to know each other.

According to foreign media reports, South Korea's Company has designed the world's first electric bicycle without chain hybrid. It truly removes the limitation of the chain and directly converts the foot power into the electric energy that drives the wheels. This invention made the concept of a chainless bicycle a hot topic. What is the principle of a chainless bicycle? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is the principle of chainless bicycle? Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of chainless bicycle


In fact, as early as 1992, Li Guozhong designed a front-step chainless bicycle to improve the structure of the traditional bicycle. The two cranks of the bicycle are respectively fixed at the two ends of the axle of the front wheel of the bicycle, the upper inclined beam of the frame has a turning arm, and the saddle is fixed on the arm. In the position where the ordinary bicycle is set to the saddle, the backrest is set instead. In addition, since the saddle is placed on the arm of the upper oblique beam, the center of gravity is low and the ride is smooth.

The advantages of chainless bicycles are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, labor-saving: riding light and energy-saving 22% compared with chain bicycles.

2, durable: long service life is 3.6 times that of chain bicycles.

3. Safety: Safety and reliability in riding is 9 times that of chain bicycles.

4, Ling: Because there are no large parts such as large sprocket wheel, chain cover, etc., it is more convenient to reduce resistance and ride during operation.

5, clean, no bite, no pollution, only one lubricant per year and completely eliminate the disadvantages of the chain.

6, the structure is simple to repair and easy to repair compared with the chain shift car is not easy to repair, riding 12,000 km without major overhaul.

The newly developed chain-free bicycle in South Korea works by converting human kinetic energy directly into electrical energy through a generator connected to the crank. Like most current cars, chainless locomotives have an electronic control unit (ECU) that monitors the terrain with the sensor's cooperation. An automatic gear changer adjusts the engine's power output. The kinetic energy of the rider is stored in a lithium battery in the bicycle frame, after which the rear wheel is again converted into kinetic energy by the motor.

In addition to the advantages of a front-step, chain-free bicycle, this chain-free bicycle does not generate any greenhouse gases and is environmentally friendly. But there are also certain shortcomings, that is, its comprehensive efficiency is still worthy of research.

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