Angry Bird

Angry Birds we have all played this game, that is, using birds to hit the target of Mini Game, and a friend of the car unexpectedly in a ride to experience the real version of Angry Birds!


At the end of the week, this cycling friend and his girlfriend were around for a ride.


The ride a bike quick ride to the rendezvous point.


A bird in the air found the target, and aimed at the ride bike friend to dive down, and the bike friend was still in a state of No protection, and the danger was not perceived at all.


Oh, My God! Why does your back hurt a little?


The result found that the bird was pecking at him. In this way, this friend's  was hit 13 times by a bird, so he couldn't help laughing. Full-video version: Angry Birds True Edition! The man on a bicycle in Australia was hit by a bird for 13 times


After this scene was posted online, some netizens said that the friend stole the eggs of the flying bird, while others said that the helmet of the bike friend was too much like a bird's nest. Ha. What do you think is the reason why this friend was attacked by birds?