Baby Can Ride The Bicycle?

The spring blossoms, the baby who has been indoors for a long time, can't wait to go outdoors for more activities. Mothers don’t take their babies to ride bicycles in the community or in the park, they can enhance their athletic ability and meet many new friends.


The benefits of baby riding a bicycle

1, the baby must ensure adequate outdoor activities every day, and outdoor activities is actually the best way for a child to grow up happily. Outdoors with fresh air and plenty of sunshine have an unparalleled effect on children's natural growth and development.

2, exercise is the child's nature, riding a bicycle, can develop the strength of the child's leg and foot muscles, improve the speed of the child's movement, sensitivity and balance of the reaction.

3. Bring your baby to a bicycle in a community or park to strengthen communication and emotional communication between parents and children. In addition, in the process of riding a bicycle with children, it also helps to develop a child's brave and confident character, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate.

how old can the baby to ride a bicycle?


There are so many benefits for a baby to ride a bicycle. How old is the baby to ride a bicycle?

It is not too early for the baby to learn to ride a bicycle. If the baby is too small, their balance ability is not very good, and they will be afraid. If there is an accidental injury, it will affect the bicycle riding in the future. And the baby is prone to "child stroller disease" when he is 3 years old. The so-called "stroller disease" means that some young children have developed abnormally on both legs after riding a stroller for a period of time. There are two main reasons for causing "stroller disease". First, some stroller designs are unreasonable and do not meet the children's physiological health requirements, such as the distance between the seat and the ankle is too long or too short. The second reason is that some parents are “anxious to wait”, let the children who just learned to walk ride the stroller for a long time, and even replace the stroller with a stroller.


Therefore, children under the age of 3 are best not to ride a bicycle. For children aged 3-4, you can choose a children's bicycle with an auxiliary wheel behind it, that is, a child bicycle with three wheels behind. This car has a lower center of gravity and is not easy to fall. You will master the key points of cycling and you will be familiar with the feeling of riding a bicycle. At the same time, parents should check their legs frequently and correct them if they are found to be abnormal. When the baby is 6 years old, you can choose the bicycle without the auxiliary wheel to let the baby learn according to the actual situation of the baby.

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