Beijing Huilongguan To Shangdi Bicycle Lane Is Open Now

 Since the beginning of last year, the bicycle expressway from Huilongguan to Shangdi has been closely watched by many small partners in the northern region. The specific route is expected. It is understood that the Shangdi-Huilongguan bicycle high-speed highway is expected to complete the construction of the main project in April this year, and the opening conditions are available in June.

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The route of bicycle high-speed road from Huilongguan to Shangdi

The starting point of the Huilongguan bicycle lane is the intersection of Tongcheng Street and Wenhua Road, along the north side of the subway line 13 green line, westward via the subway Huilongguan Station, Longze Station, Shangshang Beijing-Tibet Expressway and Longyu Dongyi Road, under the The Northeast Ring Railway runs along the green area on the north side of the Longyu Ring Road to the Shangdi West Road, and then accesses the local road system network.


After the opening, the small friends who live nearby can go to work by bicycle. I think that I am very happy. The design speed of the special road is 20km/hour.

The special road design speed is 20km/hour, the road surface is 6m wide, 8 entrances and exits are set along the line, 1 operation and maintenance center, 3 parking areas and 3 service areas. The special road viaduct adopts steel structure, which is simple, light and beautiful. It is integrated with the urban environment and modularized, which is conducive to bridge transportation and construction.

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Dedicated road design tidal driveway

According to the traffic characteristics, the special road design tidal driveway, the north windshield of the G6 high-speed bridge is installed, the south side is equipped with soundproofing devices, and the service area along the line has convenient facilities such as toilets, parking area, bus subway area and residential area. , functional areas, etc. form a transfer transfer.

3 lighting system guarantees night travel

The special road lighting system is embedded in the handrail of the bridge railing to form a linear signage guiding system while ensuring the nighttime travel safety while satisfying the lighting function.


This bicycle-dedicated road planned for construction can strengthen the traffic connection between Shangdi Software Park and Huilongguan area, and can then commute by bicycle!

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