Bicycle Is A Weapon Against Aging

Aging is a natural phenomenon that people have long noticed. In other words, it is difficult for people to notice it. The back muscles, psoas muscles, and lower limb muscles are significantly weakened with age. This is one of the reasons why people will have hunchback, unstable gait, and fall easily when they enter old age. There is a scientific basis for the saying that "people get old before they get old".


   "Biking physical activity can give us some extra physical health."

   A study published by King's College, University of London shows that cycling helps fight physical aging and helps people to delay aging mentally and physically. The benefits of cycling are often more than manifested. Specifically, the study sampled a group of 84 people between 55 and 79 years old. All cycling enthusiasts concluded that his insight, his reaction and physical condition would make their physiological age much lower.

   At present, there are more and more studies showing that the pedaling effect in exercise is significant through data. According to the researchers, cycling is not only suitable for life and sports in adulthood, it can also accompany them to grow old, can significantly combat physical deterioration, and has a significant effect on preventing Alzheimer's disease (AD). "Over the years, it is inevitable that our bodies will get worse," said Professor Norman Lazarus. "Biking not only helps to keep the mind alert, but also requires the coordination of many joints and muscular systems of the body, such as seamless operation of muscles, lungs and heart, which greatly reduces the risk of disease." The professor added.

First of all, the lower limb muscles are much larger than the upper limb muscles. To maintain muscle strength, a considerable amount of exercise is required. In daily life, the habit of using cars, walking less, and exercising less will be exposed in old age; , The lower limbs are farther from the heart than the upper limbs. Due to the effect of gravity, blood in the lower limbs is more difficult to return to the heart than the upper limbs. With the increase of age, the elasticity of the blood vessel wall decreases, which is prone to poor blood circulation, which makes the lower limb fatigue difficult to eliminate; again, The accuracy and speed of the transmission of the sensation of the lower limbs of the elderly to the brain and the transmission of the movement instructions issued by the brain to the lower limbs are reduced. Therefore, in order to ensure that people still have a steady gait and walk like wind in old age, exercises of lower limb muscles should be strengthened to keep the lower limb muscles strong.

   Due to the special requirements of cycling, the upper limbs and trunk are mostly static work, and the lower limbs are mostly dynamic work. Long-term exercise can improve the strength and endurance of the lower limb muscles. Due to the redistribution of blood during exercise, the blood supply of the lower limbs is large, and the change of heart rate is also different according to the speed of pedaling and the ups and downs of the terrain. Repeated practice in this way increases the contractility of the myocardium and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, which is beneficial to the blood circulation of the lower limbs. The nervous system's management of the lower limbs can also be coordinated and accurate due to exercise. Now, the appearance of fixed resistance and power bicycles provides more convenient and superior conditions for fitness enthusiasts. Exercisers can design an exercise program before pedaling, and various information such as heart rate, speed, distance, time and oxygen consumption will be displayed on the screen when pedaling. These displayed test data are more convenient for exercisers to grasp and adjust their exercise intensity in time to achieve the purpose of scientific fitness.

   In addition to cycling, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and other exercises are all a very good way to delay leg aging. No matter what kind of fitness, 700 believes that as long as you persevere, you will be able to delay the aging of your legs and give you a healthy body.

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