Direct Access To The Olympics! Chinese Mountain Bike Team Wins The Asian Championship Men's And Women's Doubles

Chinese mountain bike team wins the Asian Championship men's and women's doubles

On July 26-28, the highly anticipated 2019 Mountain Bike Asian Championships came to an end in Lebanon. A total of 116 players from 17 countries and regions in Asia participated in the competition. In the 7 competitions that the Chinese team participated in, they fought bravely and achieved excellent results of 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze.


Chinese team Asian Championship wins


Chinese team Asian Championship wins


First, in the group relay race on the 26th, the Chinese team won the championship with 1 hour, 26 minutes and 26 seconds. The Japanese team and the Iran team won the second and third place.

Chinese team Asian Championship wins


Chinese team Asian Championship wins


On the 27th, in the women's elite group cross-country, the Chinese team Yao Jianwa (Gansu) won the gold medal in 1 hour, 20 minutes and 13 seconds, and the other 4 Chinese players Yao Ping (Shandong), Li Hongfeng (Shandong), Tao Chenghong (Zhejiang) ) Liang Zhenglan (Yunnan) won the second, third, fourth and sixth places respectively, showing the overall strength and advantages of the Chinese women's team.

Chinese team Asian Championship wins


Chinese team Asian Championship wins


On the 28th, in the men's elite group cross-country, the Chinese team Ma Rong (Yunnan) won the gold medal in 1 hour, 32 minutes and 2 seconds, Lu Xianjing (Yunnan) won the third place, and the Japanese team won the second place. It is worth mentioning that Lu Xiangjing won the silver medal in this year's Highway Asian Championships and obtained the qualification to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Road Group Competition. It can be said that the mountain roads are blooming.

Chinese team Asian Championship wins


In this competition, all the athletes of the Chinese team are able to fight hard, fight for the first, unite and cooperate, and glory for the country, showing good professionalism and Chinese sportsmanship.

According to the Tokyo Olympics qualification system, the Chinese men's elite team champion and the women's elite team champions were awarded the 2020 Tokyo Olympics mountain bike cross-country project qualification, which is also the only two seats in this Asian Championship!

The Chinese mountain bike bicycle team has maintained its strong strength for many years. It has won many gold medals in the Asian Games and Asian Championships and looks forward to their wonderful performance in the future Tokyo Olympics! Please praise the Chinese mountain bike team! Come on! Chinese team!

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