Do You Know? The 2019 Season Riding Socks Can't Be So Long

do you know? The 2019 season riding socks can't be so long...

At the end of the year, UCI is preparing for the new season as star drivers ride around the market. In addition to the earlier team TTT rule changes and the new world system rankings, UCI recently announced the length of the 2019 season riders' socks/shoe covers.

The latest rules on the length of cycling socks are as follows: "The riding socks/shoe covers used in the competition must not exceed the middle section between the tibia and the humeral head." In a hurry, UCI provided illustrations directly (as shown below) to avoid drivers crossing the border.


In short, riding socks can't go beyond the midpoint of the ankles and knees. But UCI does not have specific rules on how to enforce or punish.

At first glance, this rule is a bit puzzling. The only reason that can be thought of is that UCI limits the extra marginal benefits of equipment, which is not like safety or aesthetic considerations.


Earlier, UCI repaired the rules of the driver's clothing, indicating that the Jersey cannot change the "shape" (shape) of the driver, and prohibits any unnecessary clothing or equipment other than protection. The modification of this rule effectively interprets the existing rules regarding "the suit is not suitable for any purpose other than wearing and safety." In the latest regulations, changes in the surface of the Jersey are allowed, but only by assembling the fabric, weaving or threading.

In fact, UCI has made provisions on the length of riding socks in the past, but in recent years this rule has been cancelled. It is worth mentioning that the minimum length is not set in the regulations, which means that the rider can wear short socks.

Write by: Alisa Huo


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