End Of Season Inventory: 2018 Top Ten Strongest Sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan

With the end of the 2018 season, the major media in the industry began to take a variety of big inventory. The first wave of inventory came from Cyclingnews, which was the top 10 sprinters in the 2018 season. In addition to the number of wins, this ranking also pays attention to the quality of the competition, and finally judges the top ten sprinters of the 2018 event. Elia-Viviani (the fast-paced team) ranked first with 18 victories, including four ring-single single stations and three ring-west single stations.


Note: This ranking Cyclingnews only takes the top three points of the event, and the top three and the classic three are calculated by 200 points, 100 points and 60 points respectively, while the remaining three points of the World Tour are 100, 60 and respectively. The top three of the 30, .HC class events are 70, 35 and 21, and the .1 level events are 40, 20 and 12. The remaining rankings such as time trials and total scores, climb scores, etc. are not included in the ranking points.

1. Elia-Viviani (Quick Team)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan


Deng Deng Deng Deng ~ 2018 is the strongest sprinter in the top of the list is Viviani. After moving from the sky to the fast-paced team, Viviani won a total of 18 wins in the 2018 season, while also winning the ring of purple and the Dubai Sprint.

Yani's 2018 season is not always smooth, he has several painful memories of failure, such as Gent-Weaverheimer defeated Peter Sagan, and the unfortunate Milan-San Remo.

But overall, Viviani's 2018 season is undoubtedly very successful, and can even be said to be the best season of his career so far, which benefits the fast-paced super sprint train. Speaking of the fast-paced sprint train is not always used, "derailment" is also terrible, this year's sixth stage of the West is an example, the ultimate Buani Deli, won the stage champion, Yani only won the third . In addition, Viviani won the group chase championship at this year's European venue championship and won the silver medal in the all-around competition. In the 2019 season, it would be a little difficult for Yani to have a good harvest on the roads like this year.

2. Peter Sagan (Bola Racing Team)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan


If Viviani wins by quantity, then Sagan is superior in quality. The victory of the former world champion of the three-time World Championships in Paris-Roubaix is arguably one of the most valuable wins of the year, plus three Tour de France, Ghent-Weaverheim and the ring. At the Australian single stop, Sagan took his rainbow shirt to a new height this season.

Although Sagan had to pass his rainbow shirt to Valverde because of the design of the track, he was prepared as early as June, and won the Slovak national championship for the sixth time. Anyway, he did not wear the regular team. clothes. Speaking of riding a suit, Sagan also won the sixth Tour de France green shirt, tied Eric Zabel's record.

Although Sagan only won 8 wins, far less than Viviani's 18 wins, but the number of times on the podium can be quite a lot, four runner-ups in the West, three runners in the Tour de France, and others like the Double Sea Race. The only thing that is unfortunate is that he has no revenue in California this year. This is also the first year of the most successful drivers in the history of Central and California.

3. Sam Bennett (Bola Team)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan


Sagan’s teammate Bennett’s performance this year is the second-biggest sprinter in the team. Although he only participated in a big ring race this year, he showed the domineering sprinter’s domineering. In this year's ring, he won three single stations and five times on the podium. If the opponent he met was not Viviani, it would not be a problem for him to wear a sprint purple shirt.

Bennett continued the fiery state to the Tour of Cologne, and then after a mid-season season, he broke out again in the ring Turkey, won three single stations and finally won the sprint standings.

4. Dylan-Hrunevigen (Dutch Lotto Team)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan

To mention one of the brightest stars in the sprint this season, Hlunetvigen must be one. From the opening of the first stage of the Dubai round at the beginning of the year, to the ring Algarve, Quer-Brussels-Kursey, Paris-Nice, Norway and Slovenia, he has all won.

If these are hard to say, it is a small fight, then this year's Tour of the two consecutive wins can be said to push him to a new level. In the seventh stage of the Tour de France, he beat Gaviria to win, and then defeated Sagan the next day. The great sprint strength of Grouneweigen once made him a strong contender for the green shirt. . It is a pity that in the Alpine trilogy that followed, the flat-road driver with a general climber suffered from the hard work and finally retired in the twelfth stage.

Then, Hrunevigen quickly recovered, winning two .1 level single-day championships and harvesting a single stop in the last World Tour of the season.

 5. Pascal-Ackerman (Bola)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan

The third Bora driver to enter the list is the German national champion Ackerman. Since last year's transfer from the Intercontinental team to Bola, this is his second year on the World Tour, and this year is undoubtedly his year of performance. After a step away from the championship in the Dubai, Hundersam Classic, Deparne 3 and Scheldt Grand Prix, Ackermann ushered in the first professional victory in the Tour of Rome .

The state came and came, and then he first sprinted in the ring Duffy, then defeated a number of German stars and won the German national championship. This is not finished, the London Classic and the two single stations in Poland, he won three victories in a week, followed by the Brussels Classic and the Furmi Grand Prix, and finally he took a ring in Guangxi The crown and the three runners-up ended the 2018 season.

6. Fernando Gaviria (Fast Step Team)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan

If it is not the injury, the name of Gaviria is definitely not only this. The Colombians showed absolute speed and won the championship in the opening ceremony of the Tour de France and put on a yellow shirt.

But throughout his season, after the victory, all kinds of small accidents: after the victory in San Juan, a crash accident made him unable to continue; into the classics, struggling for a long time in the double-season and broke his hand, missed Milan - San Remo Sai; finally proved yourself with the ring and the continent, and the Swiss swiss moth...

Gaviria's last victory this season was stopped before the Tour de France, and there was no way to make it after that. This may also be due to future uncertainties. The sponsorship of the fast-paced team some time ago made the team feel guilty. Although there was someone in the end, Gaviria chose to leave the team to go to Emirates and fight with Christopher.

7. Arnold Demar (UNITA-FDJ Team)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan

The 2017 French national champion handed over the national champion shirt to teammate Anthony Lue this season, but Demar's performance this season can also prove ability online. First on the podium in the Quer-Brussels-Kursey, DeMar won the championship in the opening match of Paris-Nice, and then Milan San Remo did not continue to be brilliant in 2016 but also won the third place.

After being disqualified from the Scheldt Grand Prix, Demar won the final battle in Switzerland and went to the Tour de France. In this round of the Tour de France, Demar was once the focus of the media, because the fast-step team manager publicly accused him of driving. Although the follow-up Demar disclosed his data against the quality, the fast-step team manager also apologized, but the impact has already been caused. Demar rose to "revenge", defeated Glyper and won a stage championship.

Another remarkable achievement of Demar this year was the victory in a race called Tour Poitou-Charentes en Nouvelle Aquitaine in France. He won all stages (including one time trial and five stages) and all the rides. Shirt.

8. Keleb-Yuan (Michton-Scott Racing)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan

Although he did not participate in the Grand Tournament with the team, in the 2018 season, Youan still had a lot of wonderful performances, including the Tour of Australia, the Almeria Classic and the United Kingdom.

During this period, Youan showed an extraordinary status. He won the runner-up in San Remo in Milan, and he also won six runner-ups in the Tour of Australia, Shuanghai, Huanjia, Hebi, and the United Kingdom.

However, due to the team's ambition for GC, Youan failed to participate in this year's Grand Tournament. Considering the team's goal, he resolutely left to switch to the Belgian Lotto team, where he will get more support and fans are expected to In the 2019 Tour de France, Yoan saw his debut.

9. Andre Gleper (Belgium Lotto)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan

In the Belgian Lotto's 28 victories this season, Glepeel alone accounted for 8 games, but this is not enough for the German sprinter to keep his job. After negotiating with the team management, Gleper left the team that had served for eight years to transfer to the Fortune Bank team.

Although Gleper also did not support the difficult climbing of the Tour de France, but before that he won a number of wins, including two wins in the Tour of Australia, Dunkirk four-day two wins, ring Two wins in Belgium and two wins in the UK have proved that ginger is still old and spicy.

10. Alexander Christopher (Emirates Airways)

End of season inventory: 2018 top ten strongest sprinter Vivian Nissan Sagan

For many drivers, Christopher's 2018 season is also very good - a total of five victories, including the Tour de France. But to top the head of Christopher, then this season can only be said to be so-so.

Two of Christopher's wins were won in Oman and Abu Dhabi (after all, the sponsor of the team is Emirates, how to score at home), but the performance of the spring classics can only be said Very general, Milan's San Remo won the fourth place, and Flanders did not enter the top ten.

Fortunately, in May, the Frankfurt Tournament allowed him to get back to the game, but this was not enough to prevent the team from introducing Gaviria next year to win more victories in the Grand Tour.

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