Exercise The Strength Of The Lower Extremities

Exercise the strength of the lower extremities

The process of cycling is the development and exercise of the left and right sides of the brain, which can improve the agility of the nervous system. The left and right legs exercise continuously in the process of cycling, and the strength of the lower extremities can be continuously strengthened.


Exercise respiratory system

Cycling can increase vital capacity, promote the body's blood circulation, and speed up the metabolism of substances, so that the cardiovascular and respiratory functions of people can also be continuously strengthened.



Cycling needs to effectively consume a lot of calories, as an aerobic exercise, it can help burn the whole body fat, adhere to exercise, weight loss and slimming effect is good.

Enhance endurance

Cycling in the wild is a physical exercise, one of the triathlon. Road conditions in the field are complex and speed should be maintained, and people who need to ride as far as possible make full use of their physical potential. Frequent cycling is effective in strengthening physical strength and endurance.

Strengthen one's health


Riding a bicycle in addition to exercise waist, legs and other weight-loss effects, but also let these parts of the muscle exercise, muscle more powerful and elastic. In addition, in the process of cycling the whole body blood circulation becomes more flow, Qi and blood flow will be more and more strong body.

release pressure

In the ordinary times, the working pressure is great, but try to go out of the center of the bike by oneself, not only can see the scenery along the way, but also let oneself out of a sweat, this is a good effect to the release pressure and the relaxation of the tension.

Alleviating fatigue

During cycling, the brain releases a body transmitter dopamine, which promotes nerve excitement. People who often lack oxygen supply, are slow to think, and don't concentrate can relieve these brain fatigue by cycling. In the process of cycling is also a process of relaxing the body and mind, can relieve physical and mental fatigue.

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