Fancy Bicycle - Ballet On The Wheel

Under the UCI bicycle project, there is such a big item, INDOOR, which is a little-known but uniquely fascinating category. It is divided into two small items, one is a bicycle ball called "World Cup on Wheels". (CYCLE-BALL), the other is the ARTISTIC CYCLING, which I want to introduce to you today. The author is famous for "ballet on the wheel"


The origin of the fancy bicycle race:

The fancy bicycle is actually a white saying that "the car is beautiful and beautiful, so you can't help but look up." The fancy bicycles of the 19th century were mainly concentrated in the circus performance, which is only an acrobatic performance. With the gradual rise of this sport, more and more people have begun to learn this acrobatics. Later, a Swiss-American who held the first informal Fancy Cycling World Championships in 1888 was largely responsible for his personal skills.

The fancy bicycle officially took the UCI World Championship bus in 1956. At that time, there was only a single man project. After the development, the women’s single, women’s double, public double (at least one male player), and women’s four People gradually joined the fancy bicycle project. Just like table tennis is the national ball of our country, the best way to play fancy bicycles is Germany. In recent years, the participation of Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Malaysia has been rising. The annual World Championships attracts masters from 25 countries and regions around the world to come to Huashan. However, the current fancy bicycle has not yet taken the Olympic Grand Train, which has made many fans feel anxious.


Fancy bicycle

A fancy bike that takes "minimalism" will not be outdated at any time, but can you manage it with such a bike?


The international standard fancy bicycle adopts dead fly structure, no brake system, tube tire, short body, short front and rear wheel phase, large head tube angle, no handle, no offset of front fork, close gear ratio 1:1, the purpose is to ensure flexible operation, so that players are not subject to any restrictions during the performance. Whether it is lifting the front wheel, lifting the rear wheel, or jumping forwards and backwards, it is easy to grasp the center of gravity. The handlebars are similar to the inverted road bends. The upper end is flat, easy to stand, the cushions are wide and concave, and the special bowls keep the front head fixed when the front wheels are vacant. In addition, the length of the crank of the fancy bicycle is generally maintained between 130 and 170, which has certain advantages for manipulating the car and maintaining the balance of the body.


How to play:

To put it simply, the contestants will compete on a wooden floor. There are three concentric circles of different diameters and two semi-circles of the same diameter. The players are surrounded by this series of curved “circles” due to The group is different, the way of winding is different, and it will not be detailed here. Of course, what kind of winding method you choose and the action in the car are related to the level of achievement. There are 3 groups of judges in the competition. There are two judges in each group. Each action made by the players in the game has corresponding difficulty coefficient points. The difficulty coefficient points of all actions add up to the total difficulty point (set here as H) Of course, if a person has a missed horse, there will be a corresponding deduction point for each of the player's mistakes (set here as D), then your score (here set to R) is R=HD, the final result. Take the average of the three groups of judges.

Different groups will carry out different circles, and the fancy bicycle is not only an individual force or a math problem.


This is a sport that is very balanced.


This sport is a perfect combination of skating and rhythmic gymnastics. Imagine that the players danced in the music, the rhythm of action and music came one after another, and the perfect integration of people and bicycles, so watching the fancy bike race is actually a pleasure. This sport is a test of the athlete's physical strength and balance, a sport that combines strength, balance and beauty.

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