Flashlight Is Not Equal To Professional Bike Lights

A very important piece of equipment for night riding - the choice of bicycle lights is very important. Bicycle lights have also been discovered and developed into professional bicycle lights in recent years when bicycles become a leisurely tool.

As a ride lighting, using glare flashlights and professional lights to contrast brightness is not only ignorance, but also fearless performance (indifferent to yourself and others).


Before the introduction of professional bicycle lights, many people like to use glare flashlights as lighting tools. Some merchants have produced a device specially used to fix glare flashlights on bicycles. Many people still use this device to fix glare flashlights. As a tool for night lighting.

However, the glare flashlight is a flashlight. The original lighting design is mainly for lighting on foot, emergency lighting at home, and standby flashlight in the car. The glare flashlight has its own unique characteristics. It is generally concentrated with a glossy concentrating cup. When the illuminating is out, the center brightness is high, and there is a clear central bright spot. The center bright spot is relatively small, and some well done can be 20 meters. The center bright spot diameter is 0.5 m when the distance is illuminated. Because of the concentrating cup concentrating, the contrast between the central bright spot and the surrounding floodlight appears to be large. At the same time, because there is no obvious cut-off line, the floodlights that are emitted from the heights will make the people on the opposite side feel very glaring. The beam of the flashlight is very concentrated, especially the brightness of the spot in the middle can be very dazzling (many light flashlights can be done on the market); in other words, the bright area is very bright, but the area is small, around Dark places are very dark; not only can you not see the reflection of objects, but the strong contrast between light and dark can easily cause glare and lead to danger. Imagine driving in a narrow road with a car, and the glare of the glare is in the eyes of the driver of the car, causing it to be unable to judge your position correctly. Is the result unimaginable?


Most of the glare flashlights use a 18650 battery. According to its lighting application, the anti-shock performance is not high. The device for fixing the battery is a spring. The spring has a problem that it may contact the battery when the vibration is very high. Bad, causing a jump (there is already a situation where the rider has suddenly turned off when the rider jumps on the road). All of the above characteristics show that glare flashlight is not the best choice for night riding lighting.

The requirement for lighting at night is that the floodlight is better, the spot is larger, it does not require a long distance, and when the low beam is illuminated, it must be illuminated, and there must be a clear cut-off line, which cannot interfere with the incoming vehicle. The requirement is that the seismic performance is high, because the bicycle may encounter uneven roads and bumps. If the seismic performance is not good, the gear is suddenly jumped, which is very dangerous. Moreover, it may be used in a heavy rain environment, so it must have a certain waterproof performance.

Only a few countries in the world regulate bicycle lights, and Germany is the most thoroughly implemented country. There are several things to be aware of in order to comply with German regulations: The lights must not have a flashing function, and the lights must have a low battery display.

Therefore, there are two most difficult parts for the German standard lamp, and the cut-off line and the beam are evenly distributed. Early tungsten filament bulbs can easily comply with regulations by purchasing standard reflector cups and lenses, but LEDs will allow the high-end bicycle lamp industry to reshuffle. At present, Taiwan has the unit for optical design capability of German LED headlights, vehicle testing center, Dengguan Technology, CROPS, Busch & Muller, inoled, Spanninga. Most of the other lamp factories use optical instruments such as lenses or reflector cups from other manufacturers. The components used to design the lights are not in compliance with regulations, which is why there are only a few car lamps in the market that have German-standard lamps.


Have you seen a deep understanding of professional bicycle lights here? I wonder if I used to use a flashlight to ride on the road. Do you feel scared? Therefore, to make your own contribution to the cycling culture, for the safety of others, and to be more secure, you must use professional bicycle lights for night riding.

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