For Riders---Bananas Can Effectively Supplement Physical Fitness

A high-intensity cycling exercise will cause great energy and water loss in the body. In this case, how to replenish energy and water well? During cycling, due to the continuous power treading, the human body sweats a lot, causing some trace elements in the human body to be lost, so after the exercise period, the human body will feel tired and weak, and even the energy will be significantly reduced. This is not only the fatigue caused by exercise, but also the performance of the body's suggestion of potassium deficiency.


Banana is a very good fruit energy bar with low fat content. Among them, it is rich in carbohydrates, which can effectively supplement the energy required by the body, and can promote and maintain the body's movement state. Therefore, when You can choose bananas to regulate your physical fitness during continuous intense exercise. On the other hand, while bananas are rich in carbohydrates, the content of protein in the fruit is very high, which is rich in nutritional value. The calories in the fruit are medium and superior, and it is easy to digest and absorb, which can ensure effective energy intake. Without burdening the stomach. In addition, the potassium in bananas can improve the symptoms of muscle retardation caused by heavy sweating, can quickly restore muscles to a sensitive state of motion, and can greatly promote human excitement.

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