Good Chance To Take Part In Recumbent Bicycles Challenge Race

Good chance to take part in Recumbent bicycles challenge race

28th/March, 2017 there is the bike challenge race in Shanghai, Chongming. here is almost 1000 riders here, no matter mtb or road or TT bike all can be enter race, it's just challenge yourself for 200km.

Daxian which is our Recumbent bike customer, just finished his Titanium Recumbent bike frame from us, his Recumbent bike frame can be foldable, it's easy to carry, his titanium Recumbent bicycles handle bar, stem, all made from us, he told us he will take part in this challenge race.

He says his Titanium Recumbent bike in the only one bike in this race,and got many people's attention.  

xacd made Ti  recumbents bike

xacd made titanium recumbent biketimg.jpg