History Of Titanium Alloy

In 1791, titanium alloy was found by the British monk William Gregor, in 1795, officially named Titane - titanium, the name comes from the Greek myth of the Titan.Until 1910, the first time to extract the purity of 99.9% titanium, was a man named Matthew Albert Hunter from bomb heating of the steel refining out the TiC14 (titanium tetrachloride) and sodium.Today, the production method is through from TiC14 of titanium and magnesium.The method of titanium is in 1946 by William Justin Kroll development.

Ti handle bar stem crank.jpg

Now, titanium alloy is used in many fields, such as oil industry, shipbuilding industry, titanium bicycle parts etc, factory uses advanced production technology and equipment, design and produce kinds of different of special style titanium bicycle frame, such as titanium mountain bike frame,titanium road bike frame,titanium track bike frame and titanium BMX bike frame etc. More and more people like titanium bicycle and outdoor sports,let them have a health and happiness.

By XACD ti bike team