How To Avoid The Car When Riding A Bicycle

It is inevitable that bicycle riders meet with cars on the way to travel, and it often happens. How to ensure safe driving and avoid traffic accidents, I believe many people are very concerned about this problem. TTGO senior riders suggest that it is necessary to learn some basic skills, and in the case of safety, you must practice more:


1. Train your own eyes to see the ability of the six-way ear to listen to the eight parties. That is to say, you can use the ear to hear the car and the approximate distance of the car coming from behind. You can use the visual inspection to accurately judge the car coming from the opposite side. Distance and speed.

2, on a narrow road, do not prematurely avoid the side, so that the driver can find themselves as soon as possible, so slow down, and then avoid when approaching, so you can calmly avoid driving danger.

3, after the current car is coming, will be in the vicinity of the car, should take the method of acceleration or deceleration, avoid the meeting point.

4. Do not follow the car too close when going downhill, so as to avoid danger when the car is in emergency braking.

5, the color of the clothing (cycling suit) is preferably a little brighter, such as red and yellow. It is convenient for car drivers to find themselves.

Finally, the cycling circle once again reminds that avoiding the motor vehicle should be an important part of the safety of bicycle riding.

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